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DEATH? 6-*NAME* FAMOUS SIL/2-OFC-LCSHO/3-FORCE/4-*BRYAN*  Means: 1-Silver City, New Mexico   2-Officer of Lea County Sheriff’s Office     3- Problem is that he used excessive force  4- name of victim in a famous or well known case is Bryan  Reform Monitoring Update for New Mexico’s largest city: Albuquerque police APD): Justice dot gov: Outcome Assessment APD  (Report filed 08/18/2017) (CASA Implementation/monitoring police for safety, etc. ) Discusses how APD still has serious issues regarding force. List of Names Involving Police - other sites (mostly about Kait Arquette, has a similar/identical list as Real Crimes) Table being developed - go down below it NAMES INDEX A to C page 1of 4 Summaries are below A to D index A     Ackerman, Steve 1-HOB-LOV/2-SHF-LCSO/3-KOD 01/17/2017      Adair, Aaron 1-ALAMOS-CAPT-FIRE/2-SEX      Aguilar, Brent 1-CLO/2-OFC/3-FORCE      Aguirre, Michael 1-SIL/2-OFC-GCSO/3-MULT     Ahrensfield, Brad 1-ALBQ/2-OFC-APD/3-MULT      Alvarado, Vicente 1-ALBQ/2-OFC UNDR - APD/3-SUIT vs. KOB TV-SEX-DRP      Alvarez, Jose Enrique 1-SOC/2-LT-SPD HQ (TX RNGRS & TX PUB SFTY EXEC WARRANTS/3-OPP-DRUG     Anaya, Justin 1-RSA/2-OFC/3-SUS     Anders, Billy 1-CLD /2-SGT 3 /3-SHT KLL-EXEC HANDCUFFED KILLER-INDICT-PRIS     Armijo, Chris Ernest 1-VAN/2-CHF/3-MULT     Armijo, Anthony 1-ESP/2-OFC/3-BRU-GLT NO     Arredondo, David 1-DEM/2DEP-HCSO/3-SEARCH ILL-PRB/4-*ECKERT*  Artis, Jeremy 1- HOB see Ellis, Robinson     Avila, Greg 1-ALBQ/2-OFC-UNDR/3-INTOX-UNRULY-DECEASED 08/24/2015      B    Babcock, Todd 1-ALBQ/2-OFC/3-SUIT/4-*MILLER*     Baca, Joseph 1-SNTA FE POLICE, INCIDENT CHAMA/2-OFC-SFPD/3-UNRULY, ALC, WPN    Baca, Sam 1-ALBQ/2-CHF-APD/ 3- INTEL     Baker, Isaiah 1-CRUC/2-OFC/3-FORCE     Barde, Daniel 1-BEL/3-CHLD-DWI     Benard, Tom 1-ALBQ/3-FORCE    Benner, Greg 1-RNCHO/3-KOD (05/25/2015)  Blea, Christopher1-FMN/3-TR-STOP-TORT- SHT     Brachle, Greg 1-ALBQ /2-DET /3-COP SHT COP-SHT DET JACOB GRANT-SUIT-SETTLE-RESIGNED-CHRGE NO /4-*GRANT*     Brandau, Mike 1-GAL     Briseno, Mike1-FMN/3-BRU    Brown, C.J.1-ALBQ/3-MULT-SUIT/4-*TORRES*     Burns, Larry 1-JAL/2-CHF-JPD/3-SEX     Burt, Darryl 1-ALBQ/2-SHF DEP-BCSO/3-MULT-SEX-FEL   Byers (first name?) 1-GAL/ARREST FLSE-STRIP ILL-RETAL-POL-SUIT C      Campa, Joseph1-CRUC     Candelaria, Lawrence 1-ALBQ     Candelaria, Leonard see Lawrence     Capehart, Daniel 1-FMN/BLOOMFIELD/ 2-NMSP-OFC/SEX-DRUG-INDICTED-PRIS Carillo, John 1-ALBQ   Carter, Russ 1-ALBQ /2-DET /3-SUIT-SHT-FEL CHARGE 2008 /4-*ROBERTSON*     Castillo, Victor 1- PORT/3-SEX-MNR     Chan, Tai 1-SNTA FE POLICE, INCIDENT SILVER CTY/2-DEP/3-UNRULY-SHT-KLL DEP Chase, Christopher 1-ALBQ/OFC/FORCE   Chavez, Gordon 1-ALBQ/2-CORR-PROBTNn/3-SUIT-SEX  Chavez, Jose 1-HTCH/KOD (08/12/2016)     Chavez, Levi 1-ALBQ /4-*TERA CHAVEZ*     Chavez, Robert 1-DEM/OFC/FORCE/*ECKERT*     Chavez, Timothy 1-ALBQ/SEX/DRP     Christesen, Ken 1-FMN/CHF/INFO     Clifton, Michael 1-CRUC/2-OFC/3-CRASH-MISDEM-TAMPR-RESIGNED   Coffman, Rod 1-HOB/SUIC 12/04/2011     Conley, Bill 1-ALBQ/LT/*DANIELS*    Contreras, Mark 1-SIL/DOM/STLK/KLL/SUIC/*BASCOM*     Contreras, Mario 1-DEX/CHF/STLK     Corvinus, Clint 1-ALGRDO/3-KOD 09/02/2016     Costales, Sam 1-ALBQ/3-REF-WHISTLE     Countryman, Levi 1-FMN/2-SHF-DEP/3-RING     Currell, Duane 1-ALBQ/2-OFC-APD/3-SEX-KIDNP   SUMMARIES NEW MEXICO POLICE NAMES A to D A   thegoldenrivernet-systemabuse-policeabuse-newmexico-policenames Ackerman, Steve1-HOB-LOV/2-SHF-LCSO/3-KOD 01/17/2017(2017) Lovington. Sheriff.  (deceased Lea County Sheriff). Died in a one-occupant car accident near Encino when apparently mishandling a curve, toppling his vehicle and being thrown; found dead on scene.  NMSP handled situation. See more Police - Blue Lives Matter   on this website.  Obituary: Facebook (as of 12/2017 his widow is still keeping up his Facebook account and adding notes): LEiYOamnY5Cl43jVanDfMO9f7siWdZ1vpDYYcgIAA3rAzdAk6dUlk&fref=nf Other Related Links officers.html? [post- humus] steve-ackerman/4374439/  [post-humus]  [Ackerman’s successor - Wester, Byron] Adair, Aaron  1-ALAMOS-CAPT-FIRE/2-SEX  (2010) Los Alamos. Fire Department Captain.  Voyeurism fellow female worker. Aguilar, Brent 1-CLO/2-OFC/3-FORCE  (2014) Clovis. Officer.   Excerpt from Police Center: See You Tube video clip Clovis, NM - A Clovis police officer is facing an internal investigation for use of force, police said Wednesday in a news release.  While police did not release the officer’s name, Attorney Dan Lindsey claims Officer Brent Aguilar slammed his handcuffed client to the ground during a traffic stop on Aug. 3.  Lindsey has asked New Mexico State Police to start a criminal investigation against Aguilar.  Lindsey said Jorge Corona, 26, suffered a broken cheek and other injuries after being slammed face first into pavement by Aguilar. Corona was charged with concealing his identity and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors.   - You Tube Video clip/article from Police Center  Aguirre, Michael 1-SIL/2-OFC-GCSO/3-MULT (05/23/2017) Silver City.  Officer.   Numerous charges. Excerpt from SCSUN- 05/23/2017: Twenty counts of aggravated battery on a household member; three counts of child abuse; aggravated DWI; possession of a controlled substance; resisting, evading, obstruction of an officer; and aggravated stalking. He was transported to the Grant County Detention Center for booking.Michael Aguirre, 40, of Silver City, retired from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office and was working as an officer for the Western New Mexico University Campus Police Department when he was arrested earlier this month. Since then, according to WNMU, Aguirre is no longer employed at the Campus Police Department.Aguirre was reportedly following a female on Hwy 90 S Monday morning at around 8:20 a.m. The woman phoned 911, and officers from the Silver City Police Department, Grant County Sheriff’s Department and State Police were all dispatched to the scene. A criminal complaint alleges that Aguirre intentionally crashed into the woman’s vehicle near milepost 37, then fled the scene on foot.  Excerpt fromKRQE-10/05/2017: …he was at it again. Las Cruces Police say Aguirre tied up his mother, beat her, stole money and her car, and cut off his court ordered ankle monitor.Just after 1 a.m. Silver City Police tracked him down. Investigators say he rammed a patrol car, so an officer shot him in the neck. Police say Aguirre will be fine. However, he now faces a long list of new charges. Ahrensfield, Brad  1-ALBQ/2-OFC-APD/3-MULT-DOG (1990s+) Albuquerque.  There are a strange number of cases associated with this man which need to be double-checked.    From Real Crimes: 11/06/1996 Albuquerque.  APD Officer Brad Ahrensfield stopped motorist Kevin Lamkin and informed him there were warrants out for his arrest.  Lamkin presented paperwork that proved the warrants had already been cleared up, but Ahrensfield allegedly crumbled them up, resorted to name-calling and abusive handling of Lamkin, and arrested him anyway.  Lamkin’s case against Ahrensfield was settled out of court for $2,000. 10/12/1997: APD Officer Brad Ahrensfield stopped at a scene where a vehicle was stopped on a median, used pepper spray on the passenger, Steven Salazar, and allegedly kicked him in the stomach when Salazar refused to lie on the ground.  The incident was settled for $10,000. 10/26/1997: APD Officer Brad Ahrensfield was one of several officers outside an Albuquerque home during the arrest of Jim Vigin Jr.  Virgin’s father protested the rough treatment of his son and decided to get a video camera from inside the house.  Ahrensfield allegedly tackled Vigil Sr. “with such force that he was thrown into the bushes” and stepped on his hand and wrist, causing a wrist fracture.  The City settled the suit for $25,000.  12/21/1997: APD Officer Brad Ahrensfield was alleged to have dragged a patron out of a nightclub, used pepper spray on him, and shoved him to the ground with such force that he shattered the man’s right wrist.  The case was settled for $40,000. 06/28/1998: APD Officer Brad Ahrensfield was alleged to have punched motorist Kippy Rhoten in the face five times after pulling him over to tell him to turn his car stereo down.  A Metro Court judge ruled Ahrensfield innocent, but the City Attorney’s office ended up paying a settlement of $20,000. Real Crimes:  See Also: KOAT 7: (2011) (2012) how-the-national-press-is-covering-the-charges-against-apds-own/ (2015) Alvarado, Vicente  1-ALBQ/2-OFC UNDR - APD/3-SUIT vs. KOB TV-SEX-DRP Albuquerque.  Undercover Officer. APD. Several police officers engaged a lawsuit against KOB TV: Vicente ALVARADO, Yvette Alvarado, Steve Flores, Priscilla Flores, Thomas Gutierrez, Beverly Gutierrez, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. KOB-TV, L.L.C. (Channel 4 News), Defendant-Appellee.No. 06-2001.  Decided: July 13, 2007  (2007) (SUIT) Lawsuit against KOB TV by police officers for invasion of privacy during alleged and dropped sex abuse charges while acting as undercover agents.  Their charges against KOB TV were dropped. Alvarez, Jose Enrique 1-SOC/2-LT-SPD HQ (TX RNGRS & TX PUB SFTY EXEC WARRANTS)/3-OPP-DRUG (2012) Socorro. Socorro Police Department headquarters. Lieutenant.  Lt. Jose Enrique Alvarez, arrested for alleged official oppression (in marijuana case involving police corruption). Tuesday night the Texas Department of Pubic Safety executed multiple search warrants and arrested four people at the Socorro Police headquarters. Socorro city spokesman Dave Garcia said the Texas Rangers looked through computers, boxes and files at the Police Headquarters located at Poona and Calcutta streets in Socorro. After they arrested the four individuals, the Rangers moved their operations to the Rio Vista Socorro Police Sub-station, where they continued the investigation. Garcia said DPS may have been moved to the Rio Vista location because that's where Socorro's computer server is located. Anaya, Justin 1-RSA/2-OFC/3-SUS   (06/11/2002) Santa Rosa.  Possibly non-certified, did not attend crime scene, maced victim Pino rather than helping him; Pino died.  Excerpt from Real Crimes: “6/11/02 Troy Pino’s Suspicious death (Santa Rosa PD): The first officer at the scene was Lucero’s nephew, Officer Justin Anaya.  The second to arrive was Officer Anthony Ortega.  Neither officer was certified.  Although Troy was calling out for help, the officers made no attempt to stop the assault.  Instead, Officer Anaya, sprayed him in the face with mace.” Anders, Billy   1-CLD /2-SGT 3 /3-SHT KLL-EXEC HANDCUFFED KILLER-INDICT-PRIS (Incident 12/2004)  Cloudcroft. Sergeant.   Excerpt from New York Times-2006/03/17:  But the district attorney, Scot D. Key, said he had had no choice: "It goes without saying that when you have a videotape that clearly shows a police execution, it's just screaming for prosecution."If Sergeant Anders had not agreed to plead guilty, Mr. Key said, federal prosecutors, concerned about the possibility of acquittal by a state jury, were prepared to try him under a civil rights statute that could have sent him to prison for life. His guilty plea carried a sentence of up to seven years; the one year the judge gave him was the lightest possible term. Excerpt from what seems to be his personal website- Billy Aderson Author dot com: Billy Anders was commissioned an Air Force officer in 1965.  He became a police officer in 1974 and began flying police helicopters in 1975.  His law enforcement career spanned 31 years...23 of those were in San Antonio, Texas; the remainder were in New Mexico.  He retired from the Air Force (Res) Security Police in 1993. Committed to helping new officers learn from his experiences, good and bad! 2006/05/11-- 2006/03/21-- 2006/03/17-- 2006/03/04--ttp:// 2015/book--57 pcs cldcrft puzzle  2008/10/09-- kill-n-m-deputy.aspx [Billy Anders Author dot comextracted 01/11/2018] Armijo, Anthony 1-ESP/2-OFC/3-BRU-GLT NO. (2016-2017) Espanola. Officer Espanola Police Department, fromer Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Deputy.  (Rio Grande Sun article 02/2017) Signs of police brutality, seems cleared. From Rio Grande Sun 11/14/2016: Former Rio Arriba County Sheriff's deputy and current Española Police Officer Anthony Armijo fired shots at a vehicle on Saturday, after a chase ensued. New Mexico State Police are investigating the incident11/14/2016-- d35772c3b8e4.html  02/20/2017-- 9caa-9f84a71bad92.html 02/09/2017-- b3bb841ab3dd.html Armijo, Chris (Ernest)  1-VAN/2-CHF/3-MULT(2012)  Vaughn.  Police Chief:  Excerpt from Our Tax Dollars at Work:  The police chief of the small eastern New Mexico town of Vaughn resigned Wednesday, leaving the town with just one certified member on its police force — a drug-sniffing dog named Nikka.  Dave Romero, attorney for the town, said Wednesday that police Chief Ernest “Chris” Armijo decided to step down after news stories reported that he wasn’t allowed to carry a gun because of his criminal background.  “He decided the attention was distracting,” Romero said.  State officials said Armijo couldn’t carry a gun since acknowledging that he owed tens of thousands of dollars in delinquent child support payments in Texas. Armijo also faces new felony charges after being accused of selling a town-owned rifle and pocketing the cash.  Romero said Armijo is working to clear up the latest case. He said Armijo has not ruled out seeking the police chief’s position again if his case is resolved and the position is open. Arredondo, David 1-DEM/2DEP-HCSO/3-SEARCH ILL-PRB/4-*ECKERT*(2013)  Deming. Hidalgo County  Sheriffs OFfice Deputy  David Arredondo In connection with David Eckert case. Avila, Greg (1981)  1-ALBQ/2-OFC UNDR-APD/3-INTOX-UNRULY-(DECEASED 08/24/2015) Albuquerque. undercover officer in connection with other officer Hearn, suspect Frank Minott and others, attacking women, cat, high alcohol level.  Excerpt from Real Crimes.  Also seen on Kait Arquette9/81: APD undercover officers, John Hearn and Greg Avila, were working a suspected vehicle theft ring when they got into a shootout with one of the suspects, Frank Minott.  Minott testified that he shot at Officer Avila in self-defense after Avila fired at him.  Officer Avila’s blood alcohol level was three times higher than the legal requirement for intoxication.  A female witness testified that Avila tried to force his way into her bedroom, tried to grope another girl present, and tried to stab a cat with a pitchfork, saying he “was hungry.”  Minott testified that he told Avila to stop hurting the women and Avila said, “What are you going to do about it?”, Minott pushed Avila away, and Avila pulled a knife.  Then Hearn got involved, and Minott said he feared that Hearn would hold him down while Avila cut him, so he ran to the house and Avila fired a gun at him.  Minott got to a gun and fired back at Avila, wounding him twice. Minott was found guilty of assault with intent to commit a violent felony. Chief Whitey Hansen told the press (in regard to the actions of the two officers), “When you’re in Rome, you do as the Romans do.” He said there are no guidelines or rules for undercover officers,  Excerpt from Newspapers - Santa Few New Mexican, 03/26/1981: An " Albuquerque undercover policeman was shot Wednesday evening in the Torrance County community of Mclntosh and police have launched an extensive manhunt for one man. Greg Avila was shot twice while on duty in Mclntosh. He was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital in Albuquerque where he was listed in serious but guarded condition Wednesday night. Police have declined to release details of the shooting incident, other than to say he was working with other officers from the department's investigation unit at the time he was shot. Gregory was a Naval Combat Corpsman in Vietnam and served with the United States Marine Corps 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines at Quang Tri. After Vietnam, he came home to Albuquerque, New Mexico and joined the Albuquerque Police Department. While serving with APD, Gregory was shot twice in the line of duty, taking a total of six bullets â€" four in 1976 and two more in 1981. B   thegoldenrivernet-systemabuse-policeabuse-newmexico-policenames Babcock, Todd 1-ALBQ/2-OFC/4-*MILLER* (05/25/1997) Albuquerque. Officer. April Miller death connection. Excerpt from Real Crimes: (Albq. PD): APD Officer Todd Babcock, who knew April from a recent encounter, had identified April at the scene.  Abq Jrnl: It was in the closet of that room that APD detective Todd Babcock said he found a bright orange Taurus pistol box stowed in a chest.  Leagle 03/13/2015:  BABCOCK v. ALBUQUERQUE POLICE DEPARTMENT. No. 13-CV-1179 MCA-WPL. Scribd: APD COps Sue Over Age. on incident of 10/21/2015-- 10/25/2016-- 03/13/2015. Baca, Joseph 1-SNTA FE POLICE, INCIDENT CHAMA/2-OFC-SFPD/3-WPN (2013) Santa Fe. SFPD Officer.  Incident in Chama.  Negligent use of firearm issue. Excerpt from The Santa Fe New Mexican. By Phaedra Haywood (08/05/2013).   The Santa Fe Police Department is conducting an internal investigation into the actions of one of its officers who was arrested in Chama about a week ago on a charge of negligent use of a firearm.  Officer Joseph Baca was arrested July 27 by New Mexico State Police after he reportedly was found drinking, shooting guns and arguing with his wife, Santa Fe Police Department Sgt. Andrea Dobyns. Another man, who was found passed out in a vehicle near the cabin where the police officers were staying also was arrested. arrest/article_2b8ac0ad-b250-5ebc-be30-cc2872e3b1cc.html Baca, Sam  1-ALBQ/2-CHF-APD/ 3-INTEL (05/10/1987) Albuquerque.  Police Chief. APD.  Excerpt  from Real Crimes:  ”Baca, former candidate for mayor of Albuquerque, disclosed that during his campaign Albuquerque Police Chief Sam Baca had offered to show him a secret intelligence file on his opponent, Ken Schultz.  (Chief Baca denied that.)  Jim Baca said he refused to accept the file.  He said there was a need for exposure of rampant politics within the Albuquerque Police Department and that APD Chief Sam Baca was a victim of that “incestuous” system.” Baker, Isaiah 1-CRUC/2-OFC/3-FORCE (02/17/2017)   Las Cruces. Officer.  Excessive force, 4th Amendment violation.   Excerpt from Photography is not a Crime, 02/17/2017:  After a five-day trial and three-hour deliberation, a jury awarded the couple $1.6 million.   The federal jury ruled that Las Cruces police officers Isaiah Baker and Joseph Campa used unreasonably excessive force and violated the couples Fourth Amendment right.  The incident took place in January 2013 after Jillian Beck called police to report a disturbance with neighbors around 10 p.m., according to the Las Cruces Sun-News. The New Mexico cops did not appreciate Jillian Beck walking away from them after they responded to a neighborhood dispute, prompting an officer to grab her arm, twist it behind her back and slam her to the ground, leaving her with a fractured arm as he planted his knee on her back.  When the woman lifted her head to console her four-year-old son who began crying, the Las Cruces police officer slammed her face on a bed of rocks, leaving her with a broken nose and a bruised and bloodied face.  When her husband became alarmed, thinking his wife was choking on her own blood, he walked up to help her, but he was also arrested.  Las Cruces police officer Isaiah Baker then turned to a female officer and bragged about his deeds, telling her that Jillian Beck “got thrown” and ended up with a “face full of rocks.”  “Cool,” the female officer responded, according to an audio clip that was heard during a civil trial last week. Barde, Daniel 1-BEL/2-OFC-NMSP/3-CHLD-DWI (2011) Belen. State police officer. DWI, child abuse.  Excerpt from Abq Journal:  Daniel Barde, an ex-State Police officer accused of DWI and child abuse in July 2011, was sentenced to one year of supervised probation and community service after entering into a plea and disposition agreement on Jan. 28 in Valencia County District Court.Police said Barde, who was off-duty at the time, had bloodshot, watery eyes and smelled of alcohol when officers pulled him over on July 5, 2011, on Interstate 25, near Mile Marker 190 in Belen. Police said Barde, who had been stationed in Chama, performed poorly on field sobriety tests and shortly after, was booked into the Valencia County Adult Detention Center. Benard, Tom (04/23/2000) Albuquerque. Officer. ALBQ/OFC/FORCE Excessive force - beating handcuffed suspect (wrong person) with metal baton.  Excerpt from Real Crimes: APD Officer Tom Benard committed “aggravated battery with a deadly weapon” by beating a handcuffed homicide suspect with a metal baton.  (It was later confirmed that the suspect was the wrong person.)  The suspect sustained head injuries.  A police belt tape recorded Benard telling a colleague, “I popped him one good in the head for you.” An Internal Affairs Investigation found sufficient evidence to support allegations of excessive force.  Benner, Greg (KOD 05/25/2015) Rio Rancho. Traffic stop. Blea, Christopher  (2013)  Farmington.  Officer.  Tort Claims/Titus, excerpt 2012: n short, this cavalier cowboy attitude by Officer Blea is not only contrary to law but is goingto get someone shot and/or killed. Brachle, Greg  Albuquerque.  Police Lieutenant. Shot Detective Grant on job (see Grant, Jacob)  Excerpt from ABQ Free Press- 2016/01/13-by Dennis Domrzalski hard copy p. 10 : The Albuquerque police lieutenant who shot a fellow officer during an undercover drug bust had a history of reckless and dangerous behavior, according to new documents filed in the lawsuit against the city, the lieutenant and APD over the shooting. …Brachle pumped at least eight hollow point copper jacketed .45 caliber rounds into his subordinate, Det. Jacob Grant, according to the documents….Grant suffered massive internal injuries and has endured multiple surgeries since the shooting and has not worked since.”  Other police names associated with this case:  Sgt. Glen Stout, Holly Garcia (undercover detective)….Brachle has been a security guard in Colorado. 2017/12/05-- 2016/03/30-- 2016/03/16-- 2016/04/01-- 2016/01/14-- 2016/01/13--Hard copy of Abq Free Press, VOL III Issue 1, 01/13/2016 An APD Undercover Horror Story, By Dennis Domrzalski p. 10 Brandau, Mike (1997) Gallup. Possible mixed case evidence (see Garrity Law), in connection with Paul Fitzjerrell case.  From Real Crimes Briseno, Mike (2011) Farmington.  Behind The Blue Wall,  Farmington Daily Times, Cop Block: mexico-police-officer-long-embroiled-in-brutality-controversy-quits-force/ Brown, C.J 1-ALBQ/3-MULT-SUIT/4-*TORRES* (04/12/2011) Albuquerque.  Detective involved in killing Christopher Torres Excerpt from The New Yorker (02/02/2015: Brown had already been rejected by the Albuquerque Police Department, in 1995, because he had bad credit, which was seen as a sign of recklessness. He ended up in the Roswell Police Department, three hours south of Albuquerque. While he was there, a city councillor brought a civil-rights lawsuit against him—she alleged that he had arrested her for exercising her right to free speech—and five citizens filed complaints. He was accused of injuring a man by throwing him to the ground; of humiliating a mother when arresting her for speeding; and of pointing his gun at someone who got out of his car too slowly. Later, he estimated that he had drawn his gun during a traffic stop on at least ten occasions. In 2005, he applied to work for the police department in Rio Rancho, just north of Albuquerque, but he was rejected for having a bad attitude. Since the last time he applied to the Albuquerque Police Department, Brown had been in two car accidents and filed for bankruptcy—events that the department typically considered indications of instability—but his second application was accepted, and he was given a signing bonus of five thousand dollars. He didn’t take a psychological exam. His training lasted six weeks…[after a struggle with Christopher…) Brown unholstered his pistol, a nine-millimetre handgun that he’d owned since he was sixteen. He pressed the muzzle against Christopher’s back and pulled the trigger. He didn’t hear any noise, and wondered if the gun had malfunctioned. He squeezed the trigger again. This time Christopher said, “Ow.” Christopher was still trying to get up, so Brown shot him in the back a third time. KRQE 03/11/2014: On Tuesday, the Torres family attorneys brought in a former Massachusetts State Police officer and firearms expert who claimed evidence doesn’t match the officers’ stories about what happened the night of Torres’ death. shooting#sthash.WHBQuo5k.dpbs Burns, Larry 1-JAL/2-CHF/3-SEX (2014) Jal, NM. Police Chief. City of Jal (COJ).   Off-Job sex photos of him by underling.  The Blaze officers-got-fired-over-it one-got-sacked.html Burt, Darryl 1-ALBQ/2-SHF DEP-BCSO/3-MULT-SEX-FEL (1990s) Albuquerque. SEX Excerpt From Real Crimes: - Albq. Journal “(04/07/1991):  Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputy, Darryl Burt, recently named senior officer in the BCSO Gang Unit, was accused of forcing a 24-yr-old, male, Mexican national to submit to forced sex acts in a BCSO vehicle and threatening the victim with a gun.”… “Deputy senior officer in the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Gang Unit, was charged with kidnapping, criminal sexual penetration, and other felonies in connection with the traffic stop of a 24-yr-old male, as well as 34 counts of sexual assault and extortion of a 16-yr-old boy.  He was also found guilty of drug trafficking charges”… “(02/22/1992): Albuquerque Journal: District Court Judge ordered Bernalillo County Sheriff Ray Gallagher to keep members of his Crime Suppression Unit away from witnesses in the sexual assault case against BCSO Deputy Darryl Burt Sheriff Gallagher admitted to having destroyed evidence in the case against Deputy Burt” …”(04/25/1995): Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy Darryl Burt, who was acquitted in Nov. 1992 of sex related charges, was indicted on 34 counts of sexual assault and extortion of a 16-yr-old boy over a number of months and a number of different encounters.  (These charges were unrelated to the sex charges filed against him previously.)  Burt was placed on unpaid leave from BCSO.  He later pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges and was sentenced to 728 days in jail…”(08/1996): Former BCSO Deputies Darryl Burt, (once an undercover narcotics agent) and Michael Disney were taken into federal custody as the result of drug raids in their homes, after being videotaped selling drugs in a parking lot across from Eldorado High School.  Both men were working at The Wild Side, Disney’s drug paraphernalia shop.  At the time of the raid at Burt’s house, Burt and a 17-yr-old male took off through the bedroom window, both wearing only boxer shorts.  A loaded 45- caliber handgun, a Fix-A-Flat can filled with cocaine, and a BCSO badge and credentials were among the items found in Burt’s garage.  Both Burt and Disney later pled guilty to possession with intent to distribute.  The men were described as partners in a heavily armed El Paso-to-Albuquerque drug trafficking operation.  Burt was sentenced to 2 years and 9 months on a cocaine distribution conviction in US District Court.” 10/16/98: Albuquerque Journal: Former BCSO deputy Darryl Burt, now a federal inmate, has instigated a civil rights suit against the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department claiming he is owed back pay and benefits denied him after he was charged with 34 counts of sexual assault and extortion of a 16-yr-old boy.  In 7/99 a federal judge dismissed the suit.(From Real Crimes)  Byers (first name?)  GAL/OFC/ARREST/STRIP-ILL/RETAL/SUIT (2001) Gallup.  Arresting officer of Emily Ellison. False arrest, illegal strip search as political retaliation. In the week of January 1, 2001, a lawsuit alleging false arrest and an unconstitutional strip search in retaliation for supporting a particular candidate for district attorney settled for $50,000. search/ C   thegoldenrivernet-systemabuse-policeabuse-newmexico-policenames Campa, Joseph.  Las Cruces Candelaria, Lawrence. (04/25/1998) Albuquerque. Narcotics (heroin) conspiracy to traffic.  Excerpt from Real Crimes: 4/25/98 Lawrence Candelaria, Identification Tech at APD, (processes fingerprints and takes mug shots), was charged with intent to distribute narcotics.  Earlier in the year, Candelaria compromised an arrest warrant when he warned the target, his brother Leonard, that police were about to search his home. When a second warrant was served, police found heroin packaged for distribution.  Lawrence Candelaria was arrested for conspiracy to traffic in heroin; Leonard Candelaria was booked for possession of heroin. (From Real Crimes) Candelaria, Leonard. (04/25/1998) See Lawrence Candelaria. Capehart, Daniel. (07/2018-first court case) FMN/BLOOMFIELD.  Drugs, sexual misconduct. capehart/753102002/ Carillo, John (01/30/1984) Albuquerque.  Excerpt from Real Crimes: Criminal Case: State v. Charles William Holman, et al., Sex Club of Albuquerque: A list of people involved in this party/prostitution club included police officers, state legislators, lawyers, and judges.”  (From Real Crimes) Carter, Russ  Albuquerque. Detective.  Excerpt Abq Jrnl-2017/01/17: The police identified the officers as Sgt. Eric Brown and Detectives Russ Carter and Nava Marquez. Carter has been involved in multiple on-duty shootings over the years…Carter has been with Albuquerque police since 1997. He became a tactical officer in 2002, and has been honored by the department for his work in the K9 unit.  A lawsuit filed against the city alleges that Carter has fired his weapon eight times in the line of duty, not including the recent shooting.  The lawsuit was filed by the family of Jeremy Robertson, who was shot and killed by two SWAT officers in 2014. According to that lawsuit, Carter shot and killed a dog in 2000; shot at a vehicle in 2003; fired his weapon on two occasions in 2005; fired his weapon during a SWAT standoff in Pecos in 2007; shot Jay Murphy Sr. in 2008; shot Gary Atencio in 2012; and shot at Jeremy Robertson in 2014 while he was assigned to the now-disbanded Repeat Offender Project.Celina Espinoza, a police spokeswoman, said according to internal affairs records Carter has shot at people four times, dogs twice and a vehicle once.Carter was charged with a felony in 2008 after he got into a bar fight while on a Department of Energy training session in Fort Smith, Ark.Carter and other officers “are representative of a culture of aggression at APD,” Laura Ives, an attorney for the Robertson family, wrote in the Robertson lawsuit, which was filed in 2nd Judicial District Court. 2017/01/17-- shooting.html Castillo, Victor.  (2012) Portales. Officer.  SEX - with minor. Excerpt from Amarillo by Jim McBride, 07/19/2016:  A former Portales, N.M. police officer was sentenced Tuesday to serve 25 years in prison for having a sexual relationship with a New Mexico high school student.  Victor Castillo, 46, was sentenced Tuesday in a Portales court after pleading guilty to 12 different sex charges. Chan, Tai. (2014) Santa Fe.  Deputy.  Killed another deputy Jeremy Martin via multiple gunshots to back during a brawl at a hotel. Chan is the nephew of Santa Fe County Commissioner Robert Anaya. Chase, Christopher. (12/2004) Albuquerque. (OFC, FORCE) From Real Crimes:   “Dec. 2004: A teenage male was awarded $17,000 for his claim that APD Officer Christopher Chase beat him with a flashlight in September 2002.” Chavez, Gordon  1-ALBQ/2-CORR-PROBTNn/3-SUIT-SEX  FBI-2013/09/03--Former New Mexico Probation Officer Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault and False Statement Charges 2013/09/03-- pleads-guilty-to-sexual-assault-and-false-statement-charges Chavez, Jose.  Hatch KOD  (08/12/2016)Police Officer Jose Chavez was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop on Franklin Street at approximately 3:40 pm.  One of the vehicle's passengers exited the vehicle during the stop and opened fire on Officer Chavez, wounding him. Chavez, Levi. Albuquerque.  Former Albuquerque Police Department (APD) officer Levi.  Cutting Edge News 10/06/2011: Meanwhile, former Albuquerque Police Department (APD) officer Levi Chavez who is charged with the 2007 murder of his wife in a case that could involve a crime ring that was sending stolen cars to Mexico, pleads not guilty. Earlier this year, the city government of Albuquerque paid out $230,000 to Tara Chavez’s family in a settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit. 07-27-2015-- law/article_b8005bab-3cbd-5887-985b-7892c02a76f2.html 07/29/2013-- 10/06/2011-- Chavez, Robert. (2013) Deming. Anal Probing incident in connection with David Eckert case. Huffington Post Chavez, Timothy. Albuquerque.Saturday, August 25, 2007 Ex-Cop's Charges In Rape Dropped Christesen, Ken.  Farmington and San Juan County. Excerpt From ice dot gov (Article 12/27/2014):  “San Juan County Sheriff  said, ‘I am proud of the efforts of the Region II and HSI agents who put this case together. This partnership from state, local and federal agencies is an example of what can be accomplished when we work together to make our communities safer.”  Lawsuit against Christesen: County pays $500K to settle lawsuit Excerpt: Former San Juan County Sheriff’s Office employees who filed a lawsuit more than a year ago against Sheriff Ken Christesen and others alleging retaliation have settled for $500,000, according to court documents (see Farmington Daily Times, by Dan Schwartz, 2015/10/07) Excerpt From Borderland Beat (2011): San Juan County.  “San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen said he’s “absolutely” concerned that cartels are targeting his deputies. “They’re already here,” he said. “There’s three cartels working in San Juan County right now.” In 2003, Christesen worked for the Region II Drug Task Force when officials caught a former deputy named Mike Marshall dealing drugs.  Then, in 2007, the FBI discovered traitors inside the drug task force. New Mexico State Police Officer Keith Salazar and former San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputy Levi Countryman were feeding information to a drug cartel.“To keep the cartels safe, they told them what the task force was doing on a daily basis,” Christesen said. “Every time an informant was developed, they passed that information on. Every time a search warrant was obtained, they passed that information on.”In essence, the cartels knew everything law enforcement was doing, he said.  All three of those men are now serving time in prison. But Christesen knows there are more crooked cops in bed with the cartels.  Excerpt from Farmington Daily Times.  By Dan Schwartz (11/08/2015):  Utley, who worked in law enforcement for 25 years before retiring last year, did not return a phone call seeking comment for this story.  “It’s unfortunate that he worked that long in law enforcement and ended up this way, but this says a lot about character,” San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen said.  San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen (photo is in article) Utley and three other former employees of the Sheriff’s Office filed a lawsuit last year against Christesen claiming he retaliated against them with unjust demotions and work-place harassment because they wouldn’t support his re-election campaign. In early October, the county settled the lawsuit for $500,000.  Sheriff’s Office Capt. Brice Current, former Undersheriff Ron Anderson, the Sheriff’s Office, the county and its commissioners were also defendants. Lisa Haws, Matt Wilcox and Utley’s wife, Beth Utley, were the other plaintiffs.  The lawsuit claimed the accusations against Shane Utley were “bogus” and “nothing more than retaliation.” But Christesen says the academy determined Shane Utley is deceptive and lied.  Christesen described the lawsuit as a political torpedo aimed at his 2014 reelection campaign. He said the half-million- dollar settlement, a business decision by the county’s insurance company, has no bearing on accuracy of the claims made against him in the lawsuit.  “Everything we do is based on integrity,” he said.  Excerpt from Judith Miller:  But sensitive task-force information kept leaking out to the Tarangos, much to Christesen's frustration. Every time Christesen got close to persuading someone to talk or testify in a drug-related case, the inquiry would fall apart. A parade of witnesses who had agreed to testify would suddenly change their minds. One potential witness in a drug case against Josh Tarango, Danny's younger brother, refused to testify in 2006 after her daughter's car was burned on her front lawn. "Every time we got close to tying Tarango to Countryman," Christesen recalls, "an informant would be burned"—intimidated, that is. "I began to think that our own building was bugged. I even asked the FBI to do a sweep." Tired of waiting for federal help, "we finally bought old equipment and did it ourselves." The sweep turned up nothing. Meanwhile, violence in San Juan County kept escalating, much of it apparently tied to Danny Tarango. 2018/01/14-- Case against this Sheriff by Shane Utley:  2015/10/07- Clifton, Michael. (2014) Las Cruces. Crash related issues, including tampering with evidence.  Excerpt Abq Journal.  By James Staley.  03/26/2014 Facing misdemeanor charges related to an early-morning crash on Interstate 25, a longtime Las Cruces police officer has resigned.  New Mexico State Police, the agency investigating the crash, has filed misdemeanor charges against Clifton – careless driving, leaving a crash scene, failure to give notice of a crash and failure to give a written report related to the crash.  He’s also facing evidence tampering charges, which in this case is classified as a petty misdemeanor. Coffman, Rod. (12/04/2011) Hobbs. Lea County Sheriff.  Apparent suicide . Excerpt from ABQ Journal 12/6/201 By Rene Romo:  Coffman worked for the Hobbs Police Department for seven years and then spent 13 years in the sheriff’s department, working his way up to the rank of captain, the highest nonelected position in the agency. Coffman, a Republican, was elected sheriff with nearly 59 percent of the vote in 2006, and he won re-election to a second four-year term in November 2010 by garnering 73.4 percent of the vote while running against a conservative independent candidate. The Lea County Sheriff’s Department is moving into a new $8 million headquarters in Lovington, and Coffman also presided over the creation of a regional emergency dispatch center and emergency operations center, said county manager Mike Gallagher. Conley, Bill. (1986) Albuquerque. Police Lt., associated with Linda Daniels murder case.  AP News Archive Contreras, Mark. (2016) Silver City.  Murder - killed girlfriend then himself.  Excerpt from SC Daily 09/07/2016: Killed ex-girlfriend, then shot himself. Just over an hour after that second interaction with Nelson on April 21, Contreras tracked Bascom to a friend’s house in the 1300 block of Serinna Court. There, even after a witness was able to coax one gun away from the officer, Contreras produced another gun, and shot and killed Bascom, then himself. Notice update of US News-11/17/2017 ex Contreras, Mario. (2015) Dexter.  Police Chief.  Stalking.  Excerpt from KRQE12/24/2015:  Police Chief charged with stalking. The clerk claims Contreras had been harassing her for more than a year including once when he got into her car after work and refused to get out until she gave him a kiss. Police reports show other women in town say Contreras harassed them too, making crude gestures to them and touching them inappropriately. After months of investigation state police filed an arrest warrant for Contreras.He turned himself in on Tuesday. He’s charged with three counts of battery and two counts of stalking.Contreras bonded out of jail on a $1,500 cash or surety bond.
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