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GROUPS OR COUNTRIES Russian Region Sikhs Viet Cong 9/11 (SEPT. 11, 2001): 9/11-General: general Overview, Miscellaneous Information Updated 9/11 - General 07/31/2017  Prior Knowledge Ptech - Indira Singh, Yasin Al Qad 2012/?mc_cid=591519e84b&mc_eid=d8ef4ca449 world/9/9/2011/id/36795?page=full No Planes 911-research/ Mossad Did It IsraeliMossadInvolvementInAttacks_djvu.txt Big Oil Saudi Arabia Indira Singh video clip S-T SAUDI ARABIA Brief Links Saudi General/9/11 SEARCH AND SEIZURE ISSUES d9b947c1399#.ku6u8e181 SNOWDEN Snowden Brief Links - Separate Page SPIN DOCTORS STRANDS OF CONSCIOUSNESS No links SURVEILLANCE/WEAPONS TECHNOLOGY Biometrics Stingrays milwaukee-police-department.shtml Directed Energy Weapons Frequency Weapons Tasers  Trump - Information on Corruption, Impeachment Petitions, etc. See Trump Summary of Links Two Horns No Links U-V-W WEBB, GARY says/2014/10/17/026b7560-53c9-11e4-809b-8cc0a295c773_story.html Whistleblowers See Whistleblower brief links separate page X-Y-Z Zionism Resources:  Alternative ACLU EFF Snowden Excerpts Various alternative news Resources:  Mainstream or Well Known Media  CBS   CNN   The Guardian   LA Times   New York Times   The New Yorker   Washington Post updated 11/24/2016
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