Updates:  10/08/2017 lists of terrorist groups; Page started 10/01/2017 TERRORISM Also see Greek Terrorism BOOKS Huffington Post:  Ten books about Terrorism that are not stereotyptes Global Terrorism: Potentials of world terrorism (2003) Ramesh Chandra Inside Terrorism (2006) Bruce Hoffman How Terrorism Ends (2009) Audrey Kurth Cronin LISTS OF TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS US Department of State Wikipedia 5 Deadliest 15 Most Dangerous Thoughtco Tracking Terrorism Nationalist or Communist Terrorism PFLP Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Secular/Marxist/Leninist revolutionary leftist organization founded in 1967 DFLP PFLP CG Iran Hezbollah Iranian Security Forces Europe - General PBS How Europe left itself open to terrorism Italy Wikipedia: The Red Brigades Italy:  The Red Brigades (Italian: Brigate Rosse  often abbreviated BR) was a left-wing[1] paramilitary organization, based in Italy, responsible for numerous violent incidents, including assassinations, kidnapping and robberies during the so-called "Years of Lead".The Red Brigades were founded in August 1970, mostly by former members of the Communist Youth movement who had been expelled from the parent party for extremist views.[43] The largest terrorist group in Italy, its aim was to overthrow the government and replace it with a communist system.[44]…Models for the Red Brigades included the Latin American urban guerrilla movements. The group was influenced by volumes on the Tupamaros published by Feltrinelli, "a sort of do-it-yourself manual for the early Red Brigades", and the Italian partisan movement of 1943–45, which was interpreted as an example of a youthful minority using violent means for just end… New York Times: Greece Won’t Extradite Italian (1988) France Related: Action Directe - France Telegraph:  Terrorist group Action Directe founder 'does not regret murders' (2008) murders.html
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