Updates 06/28/2017 INDIA Corruption, Call Centers, Pain and Noble Causes Gangstalking/Call Centers:  Consider the idea that at least some gangstalking in the United States might be connected to India call centers and related organized crime networks  - selling of personal information, hooking into GPS coordinates using a person’s cell phone, following texts and phone conversations with family members and others on that phone, perhaps even linked to India-owned hotel and motel chains and/or staff associated with them, with a mixed race orientation (ie, HIspanic, Hawaiian and Indian).    The gangstalking could include more esoteric stalking technology.  Some of it could be linked to Middle Eastern or other global terrorism.  It is possible people can be targeted and stalked for years once their information gets in the black system.  Several articles below show the “pennies for info” that can go on in Indian call centers.  Also consider a link to credit card companies using call centers in India and stalking through online website-gleaned information: for example, where and when a client makes a payment to a credit card being watched by people overseas.  Where you are and from what bank you pay might be information used to stalk, in other words - keeping an eye on habits and whereabouts can inform people using networks in that area, or to send people in.  Mother Jones: Indian Call Center (07/2011) Naked Security: Sophos: Corrupt Call center workers selling your private information for pennies (03/22/2012) IT World: Forget hackers - Indian call center works may be stealing your financial data financial-data.html New York Times:  India call centers fraud americans (2017) Forbes: By morgan Hartley (2016) Reuters: Callers for dollars: Inside India's scam call centersUS-India Fraud USA ID (12/01/2016) ARS Technica:  Two India based call center employees blew whistle on massive phone scam (2017) PRI: How Philippines crushing indian call center business (ie, accents) (2014) Forbes:  Corporate Corruption in India Global Inv Review: DOW: India charge govt officials in DOW chemical case Water ml Women’s Rights and Reformers Human Trafficking
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