CURRENT COMMENTARY 09/04/2018 Muslim Mafia: not “wild-haired conspiracy story” - and not just the stuff of radical right Christian conservatives  --Red/Green coalition ie, homosexuals and communists, etc.- possible interweaving of complex themes (ie, neo- Marxism) outside the normal mindset of mainstream America; hard to do the doublethink of homosexuality liberalism with Islamic Communism with a God (Source: Frank Gaffney Muslim Mafia video series etc.--see Muslim Mafia section on this website) --La Raza connection --perhaps historic network of various types of minorities  going back hundreds of years --strange infiltration of Christian* groups--takes creative approach to see through it --Gestapo antics being played out behind scenes in USA like Islamic total state control countries (ie, Saudi Arabia)--ie, student loans, loans by large corporations of or largely comprised by members of foreign countries to Americans--gangstalking--hidden retaliation like vandalism and theft-these corporate international connections are dangerous to Americans-don’t play by rules inherent in Constitution -strange psychotronics to get a target to pay up on those loans - channeling (voice to skull) - repeating the messages across various platforms and people, same messages over and over no matter where you go (ie, taxis, buses - two of the most pronounced) institution and Bill of Rights -certain kinds of genuine giftedness and ability get mixed in with the occult and going after power in a kind of defensive/offensive way *Christian religious right: In addition to Muslim Mafia, Christian  Nation types might take laws into their own hands, exact revenge or  punishmment; it could be over a set of pet peeves - unemployed, student loan recipients, homeless, gays, women, minorities, non-Christians--here find attitudes discussed elsewhere on this website: not likeing low lives or users; ie, if I have to work my butt off and pay taxes then this damned scumbag should have to, too - and in this space, find people willing to brea the law, do violence, operate as vigilantes, use networks to block people, use aggressive and invasive surveillance, etc.  Find macho male types going to teach certain kinds of women a lesson; etc.some of the elite Christian leaders can know about metaphysical psychic attack.Somrthing passed down generation to generation.  08/26/2018 Page started: Human Issues /Veterans Medal of Honor 08/17/2018 Spiritual connections with people might or might not have a past life associated with them.  Meeting people in our lives in which the soul connections seem especially poignant  might bring us closer to the God Head.  08/07/2018 Bats, bats, bats A bat hanging around a property wood overhang seemed to start coming after me as I fled it; I was running in fear and then screamed out - as I screamed, it flew off just as it was getting close to me.  Did the scream make it go away?  Was the bat after me or bugs -possibly any flies around me?  The bat showed up at sunset two days ago.  So I think I have seen it flying around the spot through the night.  Maybe it’s after beetles and other flying insects showing up there at night. Lots of beetles around this spot (see photo to right).   In reading up on bats, I learned that any bites are infrequent and if associated with unusual behavior possibly rabid; brown bats would be the most common in this area; small teeth might make it hard to know one is bitten - like needle pricks; one man in Phoenix reported a likely bat bite- blood, two sharp teeth marks - a few suggest it is unlikely; any slightly suspected contact with bats should be considered potentially serious - get rabies shot just in case.  More bats being seen in urban areas because of disturbed habitats.  Bats even just being around a room or living area should be considered possible contact scenarios, even if a person does not see bites.  Saliva carries rabies virus.  If bitten, apply alcohol or iodine, etc. Western Pipistrelle Bats Do Bats Carry Rabies? In July of 2014, two bats in the Grand Canyon tested positive for rabies. One bat was acting unusual at a visitor center, coming in contact with a visitor. The bat was killed and tested positive. The other bat was found dead on the North Kaibab Trail. Rabies is a deadly viral disease found in mammals that attacks the central nervous system and leads to brain disease and death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is preventable if treated quickly after exposure. Officials urged anyone exposed to either bat to take precautionary measures by seeing a doctor and contacting the park. They encouraged park visitors to avoid animals that exhibit unusual or aggressive behavior or are not afraid of people. Source: in-past-week 08/03/2018  Just a brief link to Korean War.  I have an uncle who served in Korea I believe in the late 1960s.  He was in the Army.   He and I need to talk to get clear on his time and participation. The Korean DMZ Conflict, also referred to as the Second Korean War by some, was a series of low-level armed clashes between North Korean forces and the forces of South Korea and the United States, largely occurring between 1966 and 1969 at the Korean DMZ. 07/21/2018 Woke up this morning suspecting Hamas is connected to psychotronics against American civilians and others deemed a threat to their operations. I continue to think part of the problem links back to Vietnam, civil rights groups, drugs, varied Chinese and Russian Communism.  Habits and tendencies, network infrastructure.  + Human rights violators experimenting on prisoners of various kinds in terms of psychotronics, government big bucks.   I also continue to think psyops might be operating on families. 07/17/2018 Reincarnation? Start here: Alma Deutscher, Violin concerto in G minor (2017) --(Child progidy) Here is a recording of the full violin concerto composed by Alma Deutscher. This performance is from July 2017 at the Carintischer Sommer Festival. Vienna Chamber Orchestra, conductor: Joji Hattori. Psychical/ Reincarnation page started 07/13-14/2018 added 07/14/2018: Human Issues/ Veterans/Iraq, Afghanistan, and Related Areas (separate page) 07/13/2018: Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Of America (IAVA) » We've Got Your Back... Excerpt: May 17, 2018 (Washington, DC) — Today on Capitol Hill, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the leading post-9/11 veterans empowerment organization, stood united with dozens of veterans organizations, veterans exposed to burn pits, and Representatives Brian Mast (R-FL) and Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) for a historic press conference focused what could be the Agent Orange of our generation. Mast and Gabbard served in Afghanistan and Iraq themselves—and united across party lines to put country and their fellow veterans above any political differences. The group called on all members of Congress to sign on to the bill before Memorial Day at the end of this month. IAVA member and Army veteran, Christina Thundathil, powerfully shared her painful personal story: “If God does not give me a miracle I will die. My death will be attributed to lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, Gulf war Syndrome, and beginning stages of dementia which is further compounded by small vessel disease. Most of what I have is attributable to the burn pits of Balad, Iraq. Daily I burned the human waste of my battalion with jet fuel. Pass the Burn pit legislation to ensure that no veteran has to suffer in silence.” In going over the IAVA website, I ran into information on Clay Hunt.  Reading articles elsewhere on Clay, I have made the following notes: Notes: Possible Paramilitary connection to Veteran Suicides I am not a member of the military, but might be experiencing some kind of paramilitary operation directed at both the American public and veterans through a tactic best understood through the concept of gangstalking.  Since at this point it is hard to pinpoint using concrete evidence gathering techniques, I am just letting you know that is part of my point of reference in talking to you today.  I realize there is quite a bit of misinformation and hype surrounding this topic and that many of us are not sure about it, some of us have never heard of it, and many people who have heard of it think it is probably linked to unlikely conspiracy theories.  I think there might be something to this, and our best approach is to consider it more as a form of organized network violence working along the lines of crime and anti-American warfare.  Two groups on my suspect list are the Muslim Mafia/Brotherhood and La Raza, but my entire approach is about keeping our minds open and flexible to all possibilities, including Russian and Chinese influences.  I have been increasingly interested in veterans topics.  I have decided something is up with how I am psychically connecting with the emotional feelings of veterans, as well as other things.  I talk about the limitations of my psychic abilities, as well as the strengths, in a frank manner on my website. I am increasingly become more "psychic" - I am picking up more and more stuff with time.   I knew I needed to get in the groove and start reading more on the Iraq and American veteran issue.  I had already done some of this for my website in a "Veterans" section. I also think we need to start considering paramilitary operations impacting our veterans even when they are back home.  I have a strong suspicion suicidal thoughts can be induced by both psychic and psychotronic means, as I have picked up this sort of thing myself.  In addition, heavy atmospheres in which people are around one's area thinking about and committing suicides can help induce suicidal thoughts.  For example, around Christmas, people can be getting depressed and thinking about suicide; if you are a sensitive person, you can pick that up on some level, and it can make you think about suicide, too.  This goes along with being in atmospheres of heavy alcohol and drugs; you start taking on some of that dysfunction in some way, even if it is a general feeling of malaise. I think groups associated with the Red/Green coalitions in which a strange mix of races and beliefs coexist with both Islamic preferences and communist liberalism or other systems of thought might have stronger tendencies for using psychic influencing.  It can be found more in arts related people, too.  I have run into energies among groups like the American Civil Liberties (ACLU) that suggest to me some of their members might be associated with Islamic networks using witchcraft, voodoo or other paranormal tactics.  I had joined and donated for awhile but as I kept picking up vibes and reading more, I decided to back out.  I wrote them some letters to this effect. People like Clay Hunt might have committed suicide for the reasons of having seen buddies die, the sense of despair of not having enough control, the sense of disparity between the American public and what military people are going through and survivor's guilt.  However, I think in our wisest and most cautious ways, we will start seriously considering additional sneaky and secretive anti-American paramilitary operations being used against both our surviving veterans and the rest of us who have started to wake up to these activities. We have to make the information available so that it reaches beyond the kooky seeming conspiracy theories, because that can include a purposeful tangled web of mis/disinformation.  By creating chaos around information trying to get out to the public, we all have a hard time separating fact from fiction.  Part of the tactics being used, I believe, are the use of operatives who excel at ridiculing attempts at getting the truth out.  We are going to have to learn how to push past that if we are to get anything done.  We will have to have some clear goals about how to handle ridicule and other forms of attack. I think our best hope is in fact our veterans.  I have thought that for a long time, because they know more directly what is going on overseas, when the rest of us have been over here in our bubbles.  I do agree with some of the things Clay Hunt apparently said about young men becoming old; that is something I have picked up intuitively myself around veterans, including this most recently met Iraqi Army mechanic who helped me.  He seems older than his years, too. I feel I probably am someone who can help with this material because I am already tuned in to quite a bit.  I think the wise and prudent will train me further so I can help with countering any paramilitary operations attacking our veterans coming home, as well as others.  However, whether I am ever incorporated into a more formal solution for this sort of thing, I hope something gets done along these lines.  I strongly suspect at least some of the veteran suicides are linked to more than just despair and depression - that something covert might be going on.  I think suicidal thoughts can indeed be stimulated by telepathic messages and if these messages are alongside other paranormal/paramilitary attacks, together they could possibly induce a suicide. But in the meantime, I think the Clay Hunt bill needs to become a primary way for veterans to organize psychological support and post-lifeways support. It has the emotional connection there to a living person whose story reaches the human heart and symbolizes the suicide problem for so many veterans.  We can make use of that to consolidate and make more effective existing programs with new ones called for by the bill into one overall package, while keeping his name linked to it.  People need to have that connection as a form of tribute. 07/09/2018 A page on Iraq was added over the weekend.  One focus is on American military wounded and casualties: System Abuse/ Iraq Have started getting possible input on reincarnation and past lives on one individual.  I felt ethically compelled to tell him what I was getting.  The thing feels soulful and deep.  This has not been a normal part of my previous psychic repertoire.  Was reading material on George Patton ( U.S. Third Army in France and Germany following the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944), his dog Willie and his belief in reincarnation in past few days.I had goosebumps/other-worldly feeling seeing photos of dog and photos/painting image of himself.  Also was reading book on OBEs (out-of-body experiences) by Robert Peterson.  Reading Peterson’s material seems to trigger or open up something in me and some of his descriptions of psychic experiences make sense to me, as I have had similar experiences.  Psychic helpers might be afoot. Reincarnation is a tricky subject.  No feedback loops.  Can give someone wrong information.  Can get facts partly right and partly wrong.  Might misplace past life.  There might not be past lives at all.  The thing that came up around this included a possible Civil War and Reconstruction era past life.  Brothers might have fought each other across Union and Confederate divides.  Someone might have died in the Civil War in this regard, and someone might have lived to experience learning how to survive in hard times in both post-war Union and Confederate territory.  The other past life might have involved a half-breed healer/scout in buckskins.  This person might have worked with the US military.  If these reincarnation/past lives images are real, they seem to show lines of continuity into the current era, including that of military and big business (like wealthy family and/or fossil fuel and railroad company lineages). 07/07/2018 The Atlantic: The Rise of Iraq's Young Secularists On Facebook and in the cafés of decimated Mosul, they envision a country free from political Islam. Do they have a shot? Alice Su (2018/07/05) Without their own militias, patronage networks, or political candidates, the secular youth in Mosul say they are at least laying the groundwork for eventual reform; the ravages of isis have, surprisingly, given them room to do so. “We want Muslim society to think critically,” Saleh said. “People need faith and spirituality. You can worship a stone if you Without their own militias, patronage networks, or political candidates, the secular youth in Mosul say they are at least laying the groundwork for eventual reform; the ravages of isis have, surprisingly, given them room to do so. “We want Muslim society to think critically,” Saleh said. “People need faith and spirituality. You can worship a stone if you want,” Hadidi said. “Just don’t throw that stone at me.” 07/04/2018 The AA 191 crash notes were moved to its own page and can be accessed through the notes index American Airlines 191 Crash May 25, 1979. 06/23/2018 New York Times: Richard Pipes Historian of Russia and Reagan Aide dies at 94 (05/17/2018) He spent his entire academic career at Harvard.Richard Pipes, the author of a monumental, sharply polemical series of historical works on Russia, the Russian Revolution and the Bolshevik regime, and a top adviser to the Reagan administration on Soviet and Eastern European policy, died on Thursday at a nursing home near his home in Cambridge, Mass. He was 94. His son Daniel confirmed the death. Note: please notice the connection between Richard Pipes and his son Daniel Pipes, who is listed on this website, and also to Frank Gaffney (Reagan Admin), who is also listed here  - and the Reagan administration, Israel, American Jews, Muslim conspiracy material, poignant Russian/Soviet cultural and longterm historical studies, etc.  Richard was a Jew who personally experienced the Nazi invasion of Poland during World War II, and was one of the fortunate ones whose family managed to get out in time to the United States.  He was an academic who advised Reagan.  His son Daniel is an investigative reporter, and knowing who the father is, we can sense the slant or possible biases in his perspectives on groups like the ACLU, etc. 06/15/2018 This section attempts to point to a few slants on the Blackwater/White Helmets material found across the internet.  I learned about White Helmets at a Jiffy Lube about three months ago; a news story which seemed like an infomercial was playing on their TV set up for customers to watch while oil is being changed.  I thought the work this group was doing sounded interesting and humanitarian, but as I listened more, the news story seemed to have an advertising type of slickness to it described by antagonists below.  Perhaps it has to do more with who is putting out the news than the group itself. I would carefully read through the material because there could be a third yet hidden dimension to what is going on beyond the bilateral divisiveness. Although this website is pro-American, I am providing some alternative views and anti-western slants here to hopefully provide a broader perspective.  I would like to hear views from actual American military personnel with direct hands-on experience in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc rather than making claims of support one way or another here. Trump just released funds after a brief delay.  This is an information gathering stage on both Blackwater and White Helmets, the concepts of private military contractors and games being played on media fronts by biased interests on both sides of the divide.  In protecting American interests, we need to be aware of the different voices and approaches being used against us. This has been applied to System Abuse/Blackwater-White Helmets  Zero Hedge US Officially resumes funding white helmets SyriaProfile picture for user Tyler Durden by Tyler Durden Thu, 06/14/2018 - 13:45 CNN: US funding for Syrian White Helmets rescue group in question amid funding freeze  05/04/2018 syria/ Coincidence? US Resumes Funding for White Helmets, as Russia Warns of False Flag Attack in Syria The timing of the Russian Ministry of Defense warning of a false flag in Syria is ominously paired with the US restarting to fund the terrorist-linked White Helmets group. By Jay Syrmopoulos -  June 15, 2018 syria/ Wrong Kind of Green dot org: Investigation: White Helmets Committing Acts of Terror Across Syria; Mint Press; By Vanessa Beeley (2017/09/06) Excerpt:  The supposedly Syrian NGO White Helmets were established in Turkey, not in Syria. They are largely trained in Turkey and Jordan, not inside Syria. They were established in March 2013 by a British ex-military officer with $300,000 in seed funding from Japan, the U.K. and the U.S. International Communist League As Marxists, we have no side in the grisly civil war, which has claimed some 400,000 lives and displaced half the country’s population. However, we say that workers internationally do have a side against military intervention by the U.S. and other imperialists. It is these forces that have stoked the flames of the war by providing material and logistical support to the anti- Assad forces. Thus, while we are die-hard opponents of everything the reactionary cutthroats of ISIS stand for, we are for the military defense of ISIS against the imperialists’ armed forces and their proxies in the region. These include the Syrian Kurdish nationalists as well as, in Iraq, the Baghdad government, the Shia militias and the Kurdish pesh merga—who have all been acting as the ground troops of the U.S. military intervention. At the same time, we also oppose the other capitalist powers involved in Syria—such as Russia, Iran and Turkey—and demand that they get out. As Marxist opponents of imperialism, we recognize that any setback for Washington coincides with the interests of the international proletariat, both in the Near East and, crucially, here in the U.S. We aim to turn the multisided disillusionment and anger of working people in the U.S. into class struggle against their capitalist rulers. It is through such struggle that the proletariat can be won to the need to build a revolutionary workers party that will lead the fight for socialist revolution to destroy the imperialist beast from within. From the beginning, the White Helmets scheme was funded by various imperialist powers, including Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which to date has shelled out some 32 million pounds (over $40 million). The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has given out another $23 million through its Office of Transitional Initiatives (i.e., its office of regime change). Japan and several European countries have also sent financial aid to the group. The White Helmets serve as a vehicle for a shadowy public relations outfit called the Syria Campaign, which presents itself as a “non-political” campaign for regular Syrian citizens that is dedicated to civilian protection. But, as Blumenthal writes, “Behind the lofty rhetoric about solidarity and the images of heroic rescuers rushing in to save lives is an agenda that aligns closely with the forces from Riyadh to Washington clamoring for regime change.” The Syria Campaign has organized demonstrations and mobilized pressure for Western intervention to overthrow Assad. The White Helmets documentary itself, according to Blumenthal, “appears to be at least partly the handiwork of the Syria Campaign.” Steemit:  Syria orBlackwater White Helmets Note: notice the anti-west and west conspiracy theory material in added below this section - whether or not White Helmets has a dark side, stay tuned into wording and approaches which might indicate a Muslim Mafia slant.  This can include CIA, Mossad and anti-white Europe/American/UK slandering or at least attention gathering. Excerpt: It's concerning to think that if this plan goes ahead then there will be western-backed security forces on the ground supporting western-backed humanitarian groups like the White Helmets. This is yet another example of a western-backed coup disguised as humanitarian support. 06/11/2018 Don’t step on the daisies This is the concept embraced on this website that flowers, people and important essential things in our life can be forgotten, not noticed or crudely walked all over. Crushed and smashed to oblivion, some of life’s greatest gifts can be lost and destroyed because our attention is directed elsewhere. Key to the concept here is essence and sensing it in both small and big things.  A  bee buzzing around can be totally unnoticed until a new friend acknowledges its presence and draws our attention to it;  pulling out a book acting as a code of life we discover its inner messages.  06/10/2018 -pay attention to women in gangs, black magic, psychic attack, energy surveillance and physical stalking, and links to the ”Sisters” in Muslim mafia connection 06/01/2018 Dedication to cross-cultural/ racial exchange and friendship.  The beauty of learning internally the bonds of real brotherhood.  We can be each other’s teachers and constantly expanding in these matters. 05/25-28/2018 05/27/2018 More input on Muslim Mafia: --in terms of the background and incentive for this section’s notes, please see Muslim Mafia section for sources, of these a special acknowledgement and thanks again to: John Guandolo - Understanding The Threat Frank Gaffney - Muslim Brotherhood Series Stephen Coughlin 05/25-26,28*/2018 -Taqiyya = Trickery. Part of tactics used by Islamic groups following Shariah Law.  Pay attention to the concept of Taqiyya, which is a form of lying many Americans still are not aware of.   Islamic Shariah Law makes it an obligation for Muslims to lie when feeling threatened or to cover up jihadic stealth measures designed to-defeat non-Islamic groups. Muslim Brotherhood Part 9 TRACKING 36.23/2.00.39 - example using video clip of Keith Ellison’s interview followed by analysis of why what he said was a form of Taqiyya -Highly organized Zone of Influence. Includes violence and surveillance networks woven into the fabric of society across various sectors - gang turfing and surveillance around chain stores, for example. -Catholic/Islam/minority connection: please keep the Hispanic/Native American/Hispanic Catholic component of the Muslim Brotherhood always at the top of mind awareness. -Planned Detracting - includes -smear campaigns -saying someone is an Islamophobe or white racist -casting doubt on the person’s intlligence, stability, personal power, appearance - in contrast, trying to make someone like Obama look tall, fit, intelligent, cool, calm, collected, soulful, well spoken, etc. -in counter-terrorist measures, start feeling and seeing these planned smear campaigns as an energy form and start shifting the psychological energy back toward real, truthful, factual, weighty, balanced and analytical debates Images and Mirages of Black or Islamic leadership planted or controlled by Muslim Mafia: Here is what is going on with Obama and minorities/others who admire him: Obama does have “something” deeper - you can see and sense it in earlier photos - but he also has been dishonest and more controlled than people realize.  He has been connected to non- freedom oriented groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and has worked on agendas that are counter to the western traditions of the United States.  Look for both grids and invisible fingers (see this website) and real soulful qualities in the person, balancing what blacks and others are doing to make Obama look like a god or more “real” than a white counterpart…enhancing his image using various tactics as well as his own real better qualities need to be analyzied together.  Although Obama is not still in office, his memorylives on through minorities and others who are contrasting him with Trump.  Trump was a horrible choice for presidency because of his connections to the Russians, but also because he lacks soulful qualities and leadership persona.  Whites with very strong intelligence and character have to be put in office if they are going to sustain through these smear tactics and also the real tests of time.  In short, whether white or black or any other race, whoever holds office needs to be a deeper and more intelligent person with an aura of soulful qualities that go beyond a resume or elite background. -Red/Green Axis - a strange, largely unknown approach.  It follows the theme of double-speak or double-think by fusing two normally oppositional forces toward a focal point like Shariah Law-driven Islam. This is how supremist Islamic and liberal equal rights groups (women, gays, minorities, pro-drugs) come together.  Key points slide to the wayside (like we are heading toward life as one big Taliban) while focusing on temporary solutions in the name of power.  There can be a sense of elation for belonging to a cool group winning over Big Bad White America, while standing up for lost lands, remembering slavery, seeing White Buffalo Prophecy coming into fruition and more.  - Understanding both real discrimination and the long-term built up ideas about it.  That is, decades of reiterated ideas about discrimination call up certain beliefs and expectations which can take on a life of their own  - sort of a mini- world - while the rest of the world…trots on and evolves.  So some of the black heritage movement can be lost in time while White America has shifted.    But other things can be about real rudeness, rough treatment and violence against blacks - some blacks can express completely honestly a lifetime of hurt feelings and pains.  Part of it is backlash from the white community for things like gang violence and the Muslim Mafia, decades of being at war in the Middle East, etc.  Some of it is old southern and Texan white discrimination toward blacks.  Some of it might be that more nurturing and support has gone into helping minorities which have not gone into poor white America, so minorities have actually evolved while “white trash” stayed in the gutter or middle class whites or higher socioeconomic levels went further down (went backwards).  The issues are multifaceted and complex.  Also white causes among the poor might have been taken over by a largely religious fundamental orientation devoid of high education - this also could be preempted by Islam, so watch out for Muslim invisible fingers. Royalty - The idea of being liberal under a kingship is also part of some of this - partly because royalty is seen as cool because it is part of history, but we should look for lineages with mind control techniques passed down from one generation to the next, with such controls kept among families with money.  New fronts, old tricks, but also old leaders, old tricks.  Royalty found in the old Ottoman Empire, the UK-Europe nexus and Spain (ie, Isabella) need to be considered. -Drugs (illegal, legal) used to dull, mollify, pacify, blind-side and otherwise create bodies and minds with poor analytical thinking capabilities - it also could be in our foods, like hormones i njected in foods served at fast food restaurants -Dark Humor - a theme remarked on in several places on this website because it can be missed, acting like a hook, curvae ball, side swipe, etc.  Good military defense strategies for the United States include learning to tune into that dark humor for self-protection and for coordinated offense planning. 05/22/2018 Digital Media Strategies of the Far Right in Europe and the United States by Patricia Anne Simpson (Editor), Helga Druxes (Editor), Chip Berlet (Contributor), Kyle Christensen (Contributor), Glen Duerr (Contributor), Robert D. Duval (Contributor), Justin D. Garcia (Contributor), Freya Klier (Contributor), & 12 more 05/21/2018 The following added to System Abuse/Islam/Muslim Mafia section: S.68 - Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2017 01/09/2017 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. Action By: Senate and: Democrats - Oversight - House dot gov: TESTIMONY TO CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES COMMITTEE ON OVERSIGHT AND GOVERNMENT REFORM.  “Combating Homegrown Terrorism” Written testimony by Raheel Raza – July 27, 2017 https://democrats- %2023_07_2017.pdf Excerpt:  -Shift government efforts to tackle the ideology driving extremism. This is a political ideology which seeks to impose the religion of Islam onto others and implement sharia as state law, thereby enabling a proper discussion of the issue without tarring the religion of Islam with the same brush. In this spirit we support the addition of Countering NonViolent Extremism (CNVE) to the existing structure of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). -Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as an organization that aids and abets terrorism. -Take steps to prevent funding of US educational institutions and mosques by foreign extremist sources. -Start listening to moderates such as the Muslim Reform Movement. We would be happy to provide a list of recommended figures from across the Muslim community spectrum. https://democrats- %2023_07_2017.pdf and: Terrorism Designations FAQs 05/19/2018 In addition to gangstalking, I think the Muslim Mafia is using gaslighting (see PSYCHICAL/DRIVING/ Gaslighting ).  Please read  Dr. Simon’s article in that section. 05/15/2018 05/15/2018 addition John Kerry - Iran deal/2018/05/11/0022ff18-546e-11e8-a551-5b648abe29ef_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.93c8bfc995a6 illegal.html?rref=collection%2Ftimestopic%2FKerry%2C%20John&action=click&contentCollection=timestopics&region=stream& module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=collection Note that John Kerry was involved in possible cover-ups involving POWs left in Vietnam after the known wave of POWs were released to the USA On Vietnam POWs On a psychic healer level, I do feel that John McCain was seriously tortured.  Like many people, I hesitate to say anything bad about him because of this.  I feel compassion for his plight, and am not fully sure what is going on with him, but I do know it was and still is extraordinary.  Yesterday I entered the world of the McCain conspiracy over cover-ups (like unaccounted for living POWs left behind in Vietnam, including Laos after the 1973 peace treaty covering POW exchanges) for the first time.  I have entered a little bit of what I found so far in the Veterans section, as listed yesterday. What is significant about this topic is I have entered a zone of energies that are multifaceted, disturbing and on one hand new, in other ways hauntingly familiar.  One of the concerns is a previously reviewed theme involving POWs in Vietnam.  For whatever reason, I have an “in-ness” with this topic.  What I am picking up is the possibility of American involvement  in how McCain was handled by Vietnamese captors, as if certain Americans were guiding or overseeing his punishment.  This is not part of the narrative I have been reading, so caught me by surprise.  These feelings came out of the blue, cannot be relied on, and only open up a line of questioning. The expectation of course is that Vietnamese - and only Vietnamese - were guiding and involved in the negative treatment of McCain.  The Vietnamese in this regard were autonomous, although in collusion with Communists.  To consider there were members of the American leadership steering the manner in which he was treated seems way off course, but I mention it here only because it came up twice when looking at a photo (see right). Perhaps if there is any such link, it was to find out what McCain knew about American illegal enterprises, and maybe this is one reason there were cover-ups regarding additional Americans left as POWs in Vietnam after the 1973 peace treaty POW exchanges. As indicated elsewhere, I was about 3 when I start having conscious memories of Vietnam; we were in Okinawa and my father was a banker, not a military person.  My uncle was on his way or in Vietnam at that point.  We heard news on the war on a radio in the kitchen when my mother was teaching me how to read.  What is strange about this is I almost feel I was connected to the war in a deeper way which included either astral projections/out-of-body experiences, or abductions.  My uncle was not a POW as far as I know, but I have a deeper than normal empathy and concern for Vietnam POWs.  I feel these are core issues for me, but cannot explain it from the normal context of being a small child in theenerall area of the war zone (Okinawa was a landing and supply base as I understand it).Another question is whether I had a past life in the earlier part of the Vietnam War (ie, 1950s).  Whatever it is, I have a feeling I connecct with heightened spiritual and healing energy to certain issues, and POW issues are one of them.  The other is trying to run down the trail of people involved in running the real show.  We also need to seriously consider Vietnamese martial arts in terms of energy attacks on Americans - not only in Vietnam, but also in the USA.  Another thing coming up is the Norwegian connection to the war which I learned about yesterday.  A further thing coming up is the Vietnamese link to the French; I had felt the possibility of torture being handled in France thru the old Vietnamese- French connection, as if there were some hidden prisons in France.  That there were American duplicities in Vietnam has come up for me before in a few contexts - one of them the lies of the Johnson administration and other presidents associated with Vietnam, one of them the drug running corruption.  But I had not before run into an energy around American involvement in how Vietnamese held American POWs were handled negatively.  I cannot vouch for this impression I got yesterday, of course, but it came up out of the blue as soon
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