ON THIS PAGE - 2016-5: Research Links.  This was a brief project to itemize areas of interest while they were being reviewed by including links.  The project was abandoned because there are too many ongoing interests and the topics are now put directly onto a topics page or in the Notes/Commentary section (which later become archived). ONGOING RESEARCH LINKS 11/06/2016 BBxiejd?ocid=spartandhp 750c9b38ddbf.html 06/08/2016 Psychotronoics Robert Becker Journey Wall Street Whistleblower Indira Singh Excerpt: “Ptech had all the markings,” said Indira Singh. All the markings of a CIA front company. “I think there is a CIA within the CIA,” Indira told From the Wilderness (FTW). “I think there is a Shadow CIA that does the Iran- Contra type of things–they get funding from illicit methods–and that the Saudi’s are in on it. They might have trained some operatives, and later it backfired – it was blowback within blowback, perhaps.” “What I do know, what the money trails do show, is that the Saudi’s are complicit. In other words, the ones that are extremely fundamentalist, the ones that promote Wahabiism-I’m not saying it’s all of them, but parts of them–are working hand-in-hand, lock step with elements within American intelligence whether it’s official or unofficial. There’s proof of that.” (Some of these wind up as links in sections, or separate pages or sections) 06/06/2016 Cossack- Russian and Ukrainian people Excerpt:  Russian Kazak, “Zaporozhian Cossacks” [Credit: Novosti Press Agency](from Turkic kazak, “adventurer” or “free man (note: was one of Bush’s early company’s Zapoa or something like that?)Are the Bushes E. European or E. German? Chomsky-Saudi Arabia is the center of Radical Islamic Extremism Hong Kong Activist Reagans shooting Slave Trade Sacrifice etcs. Benin history West Africa Teaching Tolerance Jimmy Carter  Carter Center - Jamaica Transparency Jimmy Carter Rockefeller Republican (The Atlantic,  Christopher Lydon, July 1977) Jimmy Carter  Soft Zionism 05/22/2016 Bacchus or Dionysius Cult 5/21/2016 9/11 On 28 pages CIAs Brennan 05/2016 or earlier Nazi Jesuit manipulated Arabs uslim Connections (right wing religious fundamentalist site) Graham says saudi arabia created al-qaida html?cid=rss Westfield Steve Lowy WTC Concourse opens area shu since 9/11 11-193835097.html,9800,.shtml theories.html Obama CIA creation Child Soldiers Sierra Leone milwaukee-police-department.shtml David Koresh Branch Davidians Waco Texas biography of Koresh - had gone to Israel is there a connection to Zionists Hillary and alinsky
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