VETERANS Agent Orange    Commentary   Resources Veterans (top of that section)    John McCain - vietnam Veterans Against/info Resources:  Peace Groups   Veterans Organizations    Support, Healing Support - Remodeling, Disabilities   Acts, Bills - Current or Past    Books    Japanese Americans in WWII (Nisei)    goldenriverorg_humanissues_veterans_McCain/Issues__updates_05/15/2018 Beyond Killing Fields excerpt on POWs Vietnam; Wikepedia on McCain Detainee Amendment 2005; 05/14/2018 Vietnam Vets against McCain/Issues section started; 02/07/2017_;04/17/2016  Vietnam Veterans Against McCain/Issues We need to note the following about McCain: Owing to his time as a POW, McCain has been recognized for his sensitivity to the detention and interrogation of detainees in the War on Terror. In October 2005, McCain introduced the McCain Detainee Amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill for 2005, and the Senate voted 90–9 to support the amendment.[184] It prohibits inhumane treatment of prisoners, including prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, by confining military interrogations to the techniques in the U.S. Army Field Manual on Interrogation. Although Bush had threatened to veto the bill if McCain's amendment was included,[185] the President announced in December 2005 that he accepted McCain's terms and would "make it clear to the world that this government does not torture and that we adhere to the international convention of torture, whether it be here at home or abroad".[186] This stance, among others, led to McCain being named by Time magazine in 2006 as one of America's 10 Best Senators.[187] McCain voted in February 2008 against a bill containing a ban on waterboarding,[188] which provision was later narrowly passed and vetoed by Bush. However, the bill in question contained other provisions to which McCain objected, and his spokesman stated: "This wasn't a vote on waterboarding. This was a vote on applying the standards of the [Army] field manual to CIA personnel."[188] Beyond the Killing Fields: What was the body of evidence that prisoners were held back? A short list would include more than 1,600 firsthand sightings of live U.S. prisoners; nearly 14,000 secondhand reports; numerous intercepted Communist radio messages from within Vietnam and Laos about American prisoners being moved by their captors from one site to another; a series of satellite photos that continued into the 1990s showing clear prisoner rescue signals carved into the ground in Laos and Vietnam, all labeled inconclusive by the Pentagon; multiple reports about unacknowledged prisoners from North Vietnamese informants working for U.S. intelligence agencies, all ignored or declared unreliable; persistent complaints by senior U.S. intelligence officials (some of them made publicly) that live-prisoner evidence was being suppressed; and clear proof that the Pentagon and other keepers of the “secret” destroyed a variety of files over the years to keep the P.O.W./M.I.A. families and the public from finding out and possibly setting off a major public outcry. Alternative view of Vietnam Veterans against McCain - on Tighe seen in McCain and the POW Cover-up above: Books Kiss The Boys Goodbye by Producer Stevenson and husband William (1990) Beyond the Killing Fields by Sydney Schanberg Some Names Maj. Mark Smith Sgt. 1st Class Melvin McIntire-supports torture in CIA or other prison systems and uses McCain’s experience to sugest torture works Rep. Sam Johnson -- Vietnam Veteran who experienced 7 years in Vietnamese prison system and was tortured article (07/21/2015) John Sidney "Jack" McCain Jr. was a United States Navy admiral, who served in conflicts from the 1940s through the 1970s, including as the Commander, United States Pacific Command.--…During the Vietnam War, McCain was Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Command (CINCPAC), commander of all U.S. forces in the Vietnam theater from 1968 to 1972. He was a stalwart supporter of President Richard Nixon's policy of Vietnamization. McCain played a significant role in the militarization of U.S. policy towards Cambodia, helping to convince Nixon to launch the 1970 Cambodian Incursion and establishing a personal relationship with Cambodian leader Lon Nol. McCain was also a proponent of the 1971 incursion into Laos. McCain retired from the Navy in 1972. His father, John S. McCain Sr., was also an admiral in the Navy and a naval aviator, and the two were the first father-son pair to achieve four- star rank.[1] His son, John S. McCain III, is a former naval aviator who was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam during McCain's time as CINCPAC, who retired with the rank of captain and then became a United States Senator and the 2008 Republican Party nominee for President of the United States.Wikipedia VETERANS RESOURCES    Veteran Groups of Peace Veterans For Peace VVAW Peace Not War Veterans Organizations Vote Vets Support Wounded Warriors Paralyzed Veterans of America ?c=ajIRK9NJLcJ2E&b=7809713&en=dmLPL6NPJcKYKgNSLbKULiN9KwKaIgNVInL2JlM7InKZImNeE&s_src=google Support, Disabilities, Non-Medical, Remodeling This Old House: Low Cost Luxury for Only $439,,20466472,00.html Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Grants Government Low Income Housing Programs & Grants Remodeling Homes Finding Home Repair Help For Low Income Families Kitchen Remodeling On A Shoestring Budget Disability Remodeling Cost Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) Support, Healing EMDR Network Excerpt:  For Therapists Working with War and Disaster Victims EMDR has been declared a first line treatment by the US Department of Defense/Department of Veterans Affairs, and the mental health departments of Northern Ireland, and of Israel.   Jasan Hao, Acupuncturist who has worked with Veterans From his websites:  In 2006, Dr Hao was invited to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC, where he achieved remarkable results using scalp acupuncture to treat amputee veterans suffering from phantom pain.  This scalp acupuncture integrates traditional Chinese needling methods with Western medical knowledge of the cerebral cortex and has been proven to be a very effective technique for treating multiple sclerosis (MS) and other central nervous system disorders - he works Out of Abuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Example of an Integrated Therapy Center PTSD VA - PTSD IRVA - International Remote Viewing Association - Melvin Morse, MD From website: Wisdom in the Making: Therapeutic Applications of Nonlocal Viewing for Counseling.  Abstract:  We have developed a new approach to creating life changes, we call Wisdom in the Making. It involves a blending of validated therapeutic techniques such as EMDR, hemispheric integration, and somatic experiencing, with remote viewing. This is particularly powerful in the treatment of PTSD. During the therapy "virtual" persons can be engaged, such as, healthy adult parts of the person, fallen comrades of a soldier in war, dead family members, abusers and spirit helpers to assist in the healing process. This often catalyzes a profound healing response where clients report a sense of deeper healing, even a Spiritual experience, while new material comes forward of forgiveness, compassion and love for the "self" and "others." Acts and Bills for Veterans: Current and/or Past Restoration Act  S.1982 - Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014 bill/2014/02/27/1d10801c-a001-11e3-b8d8-94577ff66b28_story.htm House and Senate negotiators have reached a tentative agreement to deal with the long-term needs of the struggling Department of Veterans Affairs and plan to unveil their proposal Monday.... politics/wp/2014/07/27/house-senate-negotiators-reach-deal-on-veterans-bill/ Trust Act The Inspector General’s interim report on Patient Wait Times, Scheduling Practices, and Alleged Patient Deaths at the Phoenix Health Care System and the results of VA’s face-to-face audit raise a number of issues that must be immediately addressed. THE RESTORING VETERANS’ TRUST ACT OF 2014 would increase Department accountability and immediately improve access to health care and veterans’ benefits. Below is a summary of some of the major initiatives of this legislation. Books The Veteran's Survival Guide: How to File and Collect on VA Claims, Second Edition [Paperback] John D. Roche (Author) Traumatic Brain Injury: Care and Treatment of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom Veterans by Amalia K. Corby-Edwards (2009) Healing Suicidal Veterans: Recognizing, Supporting and Answering Their Pleas for Help by Victor Montgomery III (2012) Mike Wallace: speaking out on depression: the veteran CBS newsman helps to break the stigma surrounding a treatable... by Patrick Perry (2006) Mental Disorders Among OEF/OIF Veterans Using VA Health Care: Facts and Figures by Erin Bagalman (2013) Veteran Suicide: A Public Health Imperative by Robert M. Bossarte and PhD (2013) Japanese Americans in WWII American Heroes: Japanese American World War II Nisei Soldiers and the Congressional Gold Medal Memorial Nisei 100th Batalion Nisei Nisei: The Quiet Americans (1973) Author:  Bill Hosokawa Go For Broke: The Nisei Warriors of World War II Who Conquered Germany, Japan, and American Bigotry  (2015) Author: Douglas Sterner Nisei Soldiers Break Their Silence: Coming Home to Hood River (Scott and Laurie Oki Series in Asian American Studies)  (2012) Author:  Linda Tamura Eric Saul military historian, founder and executive director of Visas for Life.  Has researched and written about contribution of minorities to the U.S. military. Some exhibits he has created: Unlikely Liberators, A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the Constitution Books- contributed to Go for Broke; coeditor of Visas for Life.  Wrote Unlikely Liberators. The Story of Chiune Sugihara and Japanese Americans of the 522nd Field Artillery, writing a book (as of Oct. 2015) on diplomatic rescue in WWII. vetscommentary_veterans_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/09/2017  to top of page/menu VETERANS COMMENTARY Positive Constructs Commentary - Some Alternative Views on Veterans It is fully American to question 9/11; if we know what happened, we should speak up; if we were participants in the act or cover- up, we should admit it; veterans who were part of 9/11 - as well as active duty personnel - should admit it. See Veterans - Resources (Human Issues Section) War starts with violence; violence starts with abuse, neglect and non-positive thought patterns. Thought patterns come from society, home and religious influences. Wars usually are fought over:  vindictive retaliation (tit for tat); land;  money; goods/products;  religion, fear of encroachment, expansion or secret plots;  and differences in cultural orientation. Discussion: The Wild Gait of the Mutiny; The Antithetical American Veteran; Post or Current Military Let Downs Behind Reprisals, Depression, Suicides; Who Is Really Running the Show? Veterans Forced to Keep Riding Old Politics After the Horse Has Died; Black Box Agendas; Fodders of War  Peace Organizations Should Not Be Seen As Threat To Veteran Needs And Interests War Often Considered The Price For Peace Discussion War is something most people would rather avoid.  There really are no words to express its intensity and damaging aftermath.  Many times the pros and cons about war before going into one are weighed heavily by governments.  We generally expect an open and fair play of discussion and votes by a diverse group of leaders put into office to reflect the citizenry.  Expansion or secret plots by another country require blocking or nipping in the bud before things get worse, but sometimes the negatively escalating situations in other countries now requiring intervention had help from the United States before things got out of hand.  In these cases, we wind up fighting people who have guns and other weapons we ourselves sold to them.  In other cases, it seems the CIA or big business tweaks things overseas to foment discontent which then forces the US military to have to go in and do a patch job.   The tactics that were meant to create chaos for the “bad guys” and training for the “good guys” (like in Nicaragua)  can be loaded with additional hidden agendas (like drug profits) and broader organized crime systems which are then turned on the US as part of an overall hidden scheme of defiling the US and the takeover of its Constitutionally sincere and legitimate functions.  The Wild Gait of the Mutiny When a country’s government and military uses its people for agendas not openly disclosed, we find large numbers of victims called veterans - often dead, wounded, or emotionally injured for the rest of their lives.   We also currently might be witnessing a divided veterans group with one of the divisions requiring US intervention from within.  This is a rogue group in mutiny against the United States.  It’s what you are seeing in all of the police abuse scandals, the surveillance abuse and the growing sense of Big Brother.  The rogue groups, including a certain sector of the veteran population, have infiltrated various levels of the military- police-big business composite.  It is a difficult topic, one that many veterans would prefer to avoid.  We should look for intricate veteran network connections with a variety of anti-USA organizations and countries.  Understand that these veterans have their own self-driven agendas, do not represent the full body of diverse veterans, and that they do damage to the large bulk of well-meaning and non-complicit veterans from all decades of our country’s history.  This rogue group has initiated a mutiny against our country, and it is a very real mutiny and must be taken seriously.  What is a mutiny against a country?  It is about trying to force everyone to believe one thing and to aspire to one code or system.  It is a covert battle for a totalitarian system, one that is not what the American system was set up to be.  Any deviation from the real meaning behind the American Constitution is a mutiny.  The Constitution was designed to protect us from tyrants who abuse power.  The mutiny distracts from positive constructs for veterans.  Some veterans need to be left alone to heal and contend with old age without dealing with all of the problems associated with a mutiny and system abuse.  Other veterans feel the calling to jump in and try to help stop the mutiny in some way.  Either way, we must support these veterans as a country and not let them fall prey to the bad press surrounding the “military-police” problem.   We need to distinguish between mutineers and veterans caught in the middle or on the side. The Antithetical American Veteran In other words, the mutiny against our country is about veteran needs, complaints, frustrations and goals - not necessarily non- American yet still anti-American. The mutiny represents certain values and goals that have an American background but do not represent the full scope of what it means to be American.  It can include things like the Religious Right, neo-Nazis and male dominated orientations.   We then have yet other veterans of mixed persuasions and goals, but many smart enough to realize a mutiny is not where it’s at; some of these veterans are trying to alert the public about what is really going on in government and in the military-police problem or are trying to stay out of it because they have their own problems.  The ones willing to step forward and help are vital to our country’s safety and our world in general.  Non-mutiny veterans must be assisted as much as possible or healing and financial help.  Veterans with background information on the mutiny must be allowed to safely get  their messages out to the public.  In addition, we need these people for their skills, experience and background knowledge in fighting the shadow government agendas which include blatant bypassing of American Constitutional laws and principles and organized crime types of activities. This includes illegal drug sales, thievery (local and large scale), violence and murder.  It includes information like “The Mossad did 9/11” and what went down at Abu Ghraib as well as other things.  It can even be information on hidden networks in small towns, not just big cities. In terms of the rogue veteran group, we can look for discontented patriarchal systems including right wing Christianity, anti- homosexuality, anti-unemployed/homelessness/itinerants, conservative Mormonism, connections to KKK, Third Position, Nazis and an overall pro-male orientation.  Women who follow the ways of these men or organizations tend to have discernible characteristics themselves with at least a few types possible: deferring (demure) wife, helpful wife with an active supportive and secondary authority/military approach, non-white member of a terrorist organization, and an active gun-wielding military type participating in things like drug and gun sales and/or minority (ie, South America, South Africa) Communist motivations.  Women run the gambit from religious right affiliations to politically charged anger with the United States.  Obviously, these categories are far too simple, but the real point in bringing this up is to stimulate the creative thinking needed to appreciate both the general trends of the religious right rogue group but to stay flexible about how diverse the affiliates and their agendas can be.  The patriarchal anti-female thing among the religious right and certain not particularly spiritual types is very real, though, and should not be ignored.  There is a link in anger toward women or a dislike of them among certain members of the rogue group.  How women themselves get caught up in the negativity toward women is a subject addressed several times on this website because it is a complex psychological phenomenon.  One of the examples of this totalitarian system problem is Chinese police officers or prison guards beating up on other women.  Women can be their own enemies.  Astute women of all colors and political persuasions know that The Mutiny will take them down a dark and dangerous hole with no return. Post or Current Military Let Downs Behind Reprisals, Depression, Suicides, Etc. In addition, both categories of veteran victims as described above often feel duped or taken; people may then go into denial or depression over the fact their lives were treated so carelessly and thoughtlessly.  In that case, they might feel their lives were taken up for agendas which were not what they were represented to be.   The war agendas were to the advantage of certain groups of people for whom these soldiers would never have gone to war if the truth had been disclosed.  It seems in this country that it is only later that we learn the veterans had no real power of choice; they went into war with basic assumptions and came out on the other side learning later just exactly why they were sent into such terrible places. How many of us really in our heart of hearts feel our lives are worth protecting Big Business interests?  Beyond these things, often the post-war support is inadequate or non-existent.  Who Is Really Running the Show? People who are comparatively safely out of the way of direct battle zones in the White House or other political chambers make the decisions to send others into deadly situations.  These political officials might have personal economic and power agendas not disclosed to the average soldier or citizen.  Beyond that, their affiliations might be publicly known and their agendas assumed based on that, but how far they will go for narrow directives not fully disclosed might show up later.  They could be backed by wealthy people hiding in the shadows, steering programs and government officials as cast members in a play.   In addition, they might have income or loyalty ties to things like oil and gas or militant groups with agendas linked to racial or world power issues. Just One Of Us Dumb Niggers Sometimes a past affiliation with one of these groups, or even a weak link like a racial similarity, could make a person a potential target both as a victim and as someone these groups want to use to further their agendas.  For example, African Americans who have only tinkered with Black Power groups in the past might be considered a useful pawn by that group far into the future, especially if that person is in public office.  An interesting thing to consider is how minority groups in demanding power for themselves might project victimhood onto others; they might dig in harder or target victims in their same real or perceived class (skin color, religion, ethnic group, etc.)  In other words, by figuring others are “just one of us low lives” they might be especially hard on what they figure are fellow victims.  So you can be African American and targeted by Black Supremacists just because you are a person of the same general type of color or race.  This might sound crazy, because we might expect sensitivity or extra support based on skin color but it can also go the other way.  If you are “just” one of us, and we are working on the other side of the line in terms of group violence, things can take on reverse connotations.  Abuse Among a Class Because of the Class, Not Despite It Abused people might abuse themselves first because that’s all they’ve known, or it’s violence turned inward.  People might go after their own kind first to force network help in terms of a take-over.  It’s kind of a “we’re all just a bunch of dumb niggers” attitude where the subgroup rubs the perceived mud into other subgroup types.  There might be an increased chance for rape, abductions, and focused brutality with anyone who seems to be a likely same-category victim by the group trying to make a statement in a country and/or to the world.  We used African Americans and international African types as an example here, but we could use any group that feels it has something to say to the world through violence and sees other people as part of their group type in some way.  We could just as easily talk about Irish Catholics, Muslims, Jews and many other group types in this discussion. Class Distinction Demands Group Favors In the scenario above, there might be increased chances for abductions, telepathic interference, and efforts at offering funds in return for group favors.  We are also told group affiliations occur among the nation’s elite through prestigious universities; how much that still goes on to this day is debatable after all the media attention, but there does seem to be a basis in truth that certain wealthy groups have had a subversive mind control operation running through them to the point it interferes with and controls politics, business and the military.  When those kinds of hidden programs and agendas interface with world events and American international programs, military programs are right there in the middle of it all.  Utopian ideals, Totalitarian Reality: No Rainbows On the Horizon Minority groups might be sung a song of utopia only to get another totalitarian system at the end of the rainbow.  Taking advantage of low education or inadequate insights into the full human condition - not just that of minorities - can lead to an exaggerated sense of self-importance and justification for rebellion.  When it is all said and done, the new leaders might be worse than the old system with no one safe, anywhere.  It is better to stay put and fix the current system than bet on an unknown leadership and system, especially if extreme violence was the modus operandi for change during times that were not currently that bad, but just a reprisal for previous bad times.  In other words, taking it out on people after the fact and not as a means for defense is violence for the sake of violence and does not bode well for a truly balanced and healthy government of the future. Veterans Forced to Keep Riding Old Politics Long After the Horse Has Died.  Black Box Agendas.  Fodders of War What happens to politicians has a direct bearing on what happens to veterans before, during and after a war or other battle- ridden operations.   We have to realize that people directing power for themselves in one decade can impact a veteran for many more decades to come, even after that president is long deceased, or the influence of the political group greatly reduced.  In addition, there are a number of advanced hidden approaches to manipulate those in power as puppets - so even if those officials had good intentions in the first place, they might be used by hidden forces back behind the scenes - things like mind control, drugs, abuse, technologically advanced implants and psychic invasion.  There are many black box scientific experiments past and present raising the level of ability to invade and destroy which most of us are not aware of; we might suspect something’s out there, but we don’t know exactly what it is.  Even the things we can access without security clearances are mind boggling and show clear indications that those with money and power could have the ability to abuse humanity and the globe if so chosen. These forces can work on any of us - not just those within the political or media limelight.  Vast numbers of young people who have not yet developed critical thinking skills and life experiences to question their military or government are the bulk of the ones used as fodder in war.  By the time they realize they are being manipulated and lied to, it is often too late.  It can take some of us years to figure out that there truly are corrupt politicians and business people with well-planned strategies to exploit others for their personal agendas. Peace Organizations Should Not Be Seen As A Threat To Veteran Needs And Interests Promoting peace is not in any shape, size or form downplaying veterans who have been or continue to be in battle zones.  We are all caught up in things which often seem bigger than we are, and when called to war, many of us go for one reason or another, whether voluntary or not.  A veteran is a veteran, and in most cases deserves our respect, concern and sincere support.  Most veterans who come out of battle zones realize that violence begets violence.  The voices of peace which come from both within and outside the veteran arena are worth our attention.  Many times these people share insights and opinions which take us out of the normal roles dished out to us by those who would want to make joining or being a member of the military a “Rah Rah” thing, complete with yellow ribbons, bumper stickers and showing off who serves or served in which branch of the service.  When we see these things next to football banners with slogans, we can pretty much interpret that war has become a served up dish of false glory and image, caught up in the land of advertisement and the superficial playing on people’s emotions.  Just remember the wealthy people behind the scenes making money off those advertising gambits in one way or another, and the whole thing can become more sobering.  This type of media hype sparks people’s quick gut responses and discourages them from thinking things through more carefully.  It encourages a mentality which gives people the assurance that they belong to the right groups and are all on the same right wavelength.   The advertising numbs people from the real horrors and dangers of war by giving them an artificial sense of safety and inclusion.    People can feel cute driving around with their bumper stickers advertising their connections to the military up to the point they are hit by a missile or body bomb; then it’s no longer so much fun. veteransagentorange_veteransissues_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/07/2017_07/04/2016  to top of page/menu VETERANS - AGENT ORANGE AGENT ORANGE LOCAL INPUT FROM VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL PARK IN FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO note 07/04/2016: as the website has been undergoing editing and changes some parts of this page are not up to par, including photos missing.  I will work on this soon.  This is one of the original sections of the website because I had made an emotional connection with the Vietnman Veterans Park in Farmington, New Mexico - located north of Butler Avenue and 30th Street not too far from the San Juan Community Cllege.  from about 2013 when things were still being learned.  Some of the older pages have not been fully edited while newer parts were worked on.  However let it be known that the Vietnam Era and veterans from that war as well as all wars are considered an important part of the American experience and dilemma.  The Vietnam Era is particularly close to heart for two reasons.  One is that I was a little girl watching things unfold in a small way through the adults around me.  I was overseas on an island that had something to do with Vietnam - Okinawa - as it was a supply or waylay station - and I heard news about Vietnam on a small clock radio in the kitchen when my mother was teaching me to read.  I remember my mother talking about the war because of that news.  The second point, as mentioned in the Uncle Mike section in personal Notes, is that my father’s only sibling, a younger brother, was in that war and came back with some kind of agitation problem.   I am not sure my grandparents told the rest of everything they knew, and I am sure they did not know all the details themselves.  Although Mike went on to become a very long-term and successful FBI agent before shooting his ex-wife and himself (we assume that is exactly what happened, but we must always consider other possibilities, including behind the scenes invisible fingers, just to be sure.  This is not to discount his responsibility if what was portrayed is what happened, but because of the widespread recent police abuses and scandals, we would not be thorough if we did not ask ourselves if Mike’s story was included in a system-wide conspiracy involving police and FBI shootings.)  Regardless of Mike’s actual situation, we can ask ourselves if tensions and problems created by Vietnam involvement set the stage for a psychological pre-disposition for out of control violence involving family members or others.  I do not know if Mike was exposed to Agent Orange or not, but we must consider that he could have been, like many others over there.  Agent Orange is a symbol of Vietnam’s out of control dark side, as it was the irresponsible usage of chemicals that endangered people on both sides of the war, wildlife, animal stock, agriculture and the environment in general.  We need to also consider that its constituent parts still show up in herbicides sold in stores today. Two signs go together and are found at the Farmington, New Mexico Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Butler Ave.  This site has a small set of picnic tables, lawn, children’s play area and trees, and has a nice native vegetation area in front near the main parking area.  It also has a clay and black granite brick area with names on them commemorating both living and killed/missing veterans.  Signs read left to right, but the second one on Agent Orange is presented first below.  The sign on the left talks about Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder with information which continues onto the sign found on the photo on the right which then talks about Agent Orange.  Click on the photos for an enlarged image. Second sign on right: “AGENT ORANGE in 1962 through 1971, a number of chemical herbicides were used extensively in South Vietnam.  The primary use of herbicide was to to kill vegetation and thus deprive enemy forces of ground cover.  Agent Orange was the most common herbicide and derived its name from the orange stripes on the 55 gallon drums shipped to Vietnam.  By denying ground cover, Agent Orange made enemy ambushes more difficult and undoubtedly saved American lives.  However, in the early 1970s, veterans began reporting health problems believed to be related to the dioxin in the herbicide.  A lot of controversy still exists over its effect on humans and extensive studies are being conducted.” First sign on left: Vietnam Veterans Issues Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: “In 1980, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder was recognized as a psychological malady by the American Psychiatric Association.  Like shell shock or battle fatigue experienced by veterans of both World Wars, symptoms include a sense of emotional numbness, re-experiencing of the traumatic event, nervousness, depression, nightmares difficulty in developing close relationships, insomnia, and survivor guilt....Reasons cited for the high number....with PSTD include the failure of Americans to absolve them from their participation in the controversial war and the grueling guerrilla warfare of that war.  Furthermore, upon completion of their tour of duty, veterans did not return with a unit but by themselves and very quickly, without any time for readjustment into American society.  Whatever the reasons, since the end of the war, 59,000 Vietnam veterans have taken their own lives [as of 1993].  This is more than the number of US casualties sustained during the war itself.” (read the sign in the photo for the full content). Doing peace takes practice.  It does not do any good to talk peace when down inside we feel like mini-bombs waiting to explode.  Perhaps most of us have anger issues of one kind or another lurking somewhere below the surface.  We might display peace on one level while on another, we are ready to lash out at someone about something we feel attacked over or believe strongly.  Our pushed buttons might reveal who we really are more than all the words of peace we have ever expressed.  In the final analysis, peace might sound good but be hard to keep going all the time and everywhere.  The only way out of this seems to be self-work and honesty, with a desire to heal those parts of ourselves with jagged edges.   We can start on the path of peace, then, knowing we are not perfect and that we have our own non-peaceful tendencies when pressured about certain things.  Learning to identify and work with what pressures us is the key to a growing awareness of both ourselves and the sincere action of peace. War Often Considered The Price For Peace Few of us want to sit by and “take it” - if we feel our lives or way of life are threatened, many people are willing to put out serious sacrifices in the hopes of victory for personal peace.  In other words, we hear and see the words “peace is not free” or “there is a price for freedom” all the time.  What we need to do in these cases is become increasingly informed citizens, well read and thoughtful, so as to expose the lies that governments provide to encourage citizens to go to war.  Once we start reading up on things, we realize just how many ways we can be manipulated - as well as our governments.  Most people realize media can shift the public’s viewpoints; for example we see bumper stickers like “I don’t believe the Liberal Media.”  Well, the problem with proclamations like that is we don’t have just one media; we have a media composed of diverse groups and individuals.  The fact of the matter is, amid all of the lies and hype we do find truthful and accurate articles in the media of the United States.  The problem is often not a matter of one agency controlling all of the media as much as it is filtering through all of the gimmicks and falsity to get at the nuggets of truth.  Corrupt agendas make use of this blasting of attention into millions of scattered microbits; it’s a strategy to keep us confused and off center.  Some so-called peaceful organizations might be funded by terrorists or anti- peace groups faking it on the internet and elsewhere.  What comes across as one thing might be something else.  How do we sift through all of this, especially if we fear our government and police force might be infected with corruption?  Sometimes Lies, Sometimes Truth From Officials You see, the problem is sometimes we are not being lied to by the FBI, police and government and sometimes (there are those who suggest we are lied to daily) we are - just like with the media.  Sometimes the FBI is telling us about a real threat and that we had better be on alert.   On the other hand, there are those in the police and military who want to tell you if you are given orders, you are given orders.  For example, look at the easy example of our dictated use of cell phones with bugging potential, making it illegal for cell phone companies to provide bugging-safe phones.  We are not allowed to use cell phones that cannot be tapped into.  Those in power want you to succumb to a line of authority one way or another.  If you are told to believe or do something, you are expected to jump.  When we learn that sometimes things are true and other times they are not true when told it is in our best interests to jump, we wind up with a real problem: should we jump or not jump?  Which is the safest answer?  Again, remember that wealthy person, corporation, hidden terrorist or other international group back behind the scenes: how are people like that playing on the rest of us in this realm of uncertainty and mixed messages?  How does it play to their advantage? to top of page/menu
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